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What Workplace Mental Health Means to Me

Many of us can find the constant pursuit of excellence, in our careers and in our personal lives, exhausting in today's fast-paced society. The pursuit of the age-old “Work-Life Balance”.  

The 5 Key Traits for StartUp Success

Securing talent is always challenging, but for me, hiring for a start-up is the most difficult. You can explain till you’re blue in the face that when…


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What Workplace Mental Health Means to Me

Work-life Balance It’s a message that we’re continually hearing companies sing on about as part of their employer branding, which makes sense as resea…

Five Benefits of Being a Contingent Worker

Fifty years ago, you’d land your first (and often last) job at a stable company, clock in at 8am and out at 5pm for several decades.

Eddie Dostine: The Barefoot Upstart

Eddie Dostine has an impressive career history that includes tenures at several Startups-gone-stellar. Here, he shares some insight into what it's lik…

Meet Weployee of the Week - Mei

My Background I’m Mei Chin Ee, I’m from Malaysia. I was working at a Training Consultancy back home for 16 years. Over the years there, I helped to de…

Corporates Vs Startups. The Insiders Guide

What is a Startup?  According to Alyson Shontell, Editor of Business Insider, a startup is “a few-year-old tech company that could still easily fail.”…