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A timesheet is a record of a shift that has been worked. It is available for you once you have accepted a job. Each time you work a shift, you need to enter the start, end and break times into your timesheet.

You can access your timesheet via your Current Job screen. After completing a shift, click "Add to Timesheet" to enter the StartEnd, and Break times of your shift. This ensures that you are paid for the actual time you worked.

Please refer to the Timesheet Instructions below for more details on how to submit your timesheet.

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You will need to submit your timesheet each time you complete a job. If you are in a weekly, on-going job, you will need to submit your timesheet at the end of the working week. Your Weployer must review your timesheet and approve it in order for it to be processed for the next pay run. Upon adding your timesheet, you will be asked if you have completed your job or whether you are returning.

Your Weployer approves your timesheet to confirm your working hours. Your Weployer contact is who manages your timesheets - you can find this information in your Current Job screen on the app.

You will not be paid until you have submitted your timesheet and have had it approved by your Weployer.

Click "Edit" under a submission to make the appropriate changes and then "Save".

If you have not submitted your timesheet yet, click "Edit" under a submission to make the appropriate changes and then "Save".

Unfortunately once submitted, you can’t change them, but we can! 

In the app, click on Support > Chat to our friendly staff. Let them know the error, including the correct details, and we can get this fixed for you!

If a timesheet is not approved by your Weployer in time for the next pay run, you will not be paid.

Your timesheet must be approved by the Weployer in order to be processed for the next pay run. Any delay in approving a timesheet can result in your payment being processed for the following pay run.

Once you submit your timesheet, it will be sent to your Weployer for approval. They are able to approve it, then leave the job open for you to ensure you can continue to access or edit your timesheet for the remainder of the job.

While there is flexibility with your rostering, the Minimum Engagement rule means that all of your work shifts must be a minimum of four hours. This is legally required under clause 11.4 of the Clerks—Private Sector Awards 2020.

Any shifts entered that are less than four hours (including training) will have an automatic entry on your timesheet, which Weploy will directly contact you about to confirm.

If you need to leave a shift early, please contact Weploy via

*Please note that while the Clerk Award mentioned a minimum engagement of three hours, Weploy applies the four-hour minimum to account for the weekend standard for minimum engagement hours (which is four hours).

Managing Account

You can upload or change your profile photo via the Edit button in your profile. By pressing the camera icon, you will be able to upload a photo. Please note, a Weployer will see your photo after you have accepted their job request, so please choose a professional photo in a high resolution.

Your profile will be approved after you complete your onboarding.

Your onboarding will be complete once:

  • Your police check has cleared.
  • You have submitted your banking details.
  • You have signed your employment contract.
  • You have signed up and created your profile (including a profile photo).

Our Talent Team will send you a confirmation email when your profile has been approved. 

You can access and change your contact details via the Edit button in your profile. Your contact details include your location, mobile phone number, and email address. Please keep these up-to-date.

Your profile will be pending approval if you haven't completed your onboarding yet. Your onboarding will be completed once:

  • Your police check has cleared.
  • You have submitted your banking details.
  • You have signed your employment contract.
  • You have signed up and created your profile (including a profile photo).

There is an "Unsubscribe from our emails" link at the bottom of any email sent to you from Weploy. This will allow you to unsubscribe from our emails. Alternatively, you can reach out to us at and we will action this for you.

Please contact us at to deactivate your profile and terminate your employment contract.

As an employee of Weploy, we will need a written confirmation that you are terminating your employment contract with us.

Weploy is currently available in Melbourne, Victoria, Sydney, New South Wales, Brisbane, Queensland and Adelaide, South Australia.

Mobile App Support

To confirm that you have been assigned, you will notice the job details in your "Current Job" screen. Additionally, you will receive an email confirmation. Both the "Current Job" screen and the confirmation email will state the conditions of assignment. This includes details such as:

  • The role and nature of work
  • Weployer company name, address, and Weployer contact details
  • Job start/end dates and times
  • Rate of pay

In the Log In screen, the Password field has a "Forgot?" button you can access to reset your password. An email will be sent to your email address with instructions on how to reset your password.

Unfortunately, no. The Weploy app is only available via mobile app on iPhone and Android devices.


Typically, this occurs when another Weployee has accepted the job before you, despite how quickly you opened the notification. Occasionally, there may be a difference in speed across different networks which made lead to some users receiving notifications faster than users on other networks.


You can download the Weploy app on iPhones and iPads. Using your mobile device, tap the App Store icon and follow these steps:

  • Search Weploy in the search bar.
  • Tap GET on the Weploy icon.
  • Once the app has downloaded, you may log in.


The Weploy Android app is in Beta test phase. It is only available to hired Weployees. Part of the Weployee on-boarding and induction includes an invitation to download the app, as it is currently not available to the general public.


Weploy is not available via desktop. Weployees can only access Weploy via the Android and iOS app.

Weployees are not able to log in to the website. Upon signing up, your email and password are only to be used on the Weploy mobile app.

The desktop website is meant for Weployers only.


Log in to your payment portal. Within here, you can update your Bank Details and view your payslips. To update your Superannuation details, please contact a member of the WEO team and have your updated details ready.

You are typically entitled to super once you are paid more than $450 before tax in a calendar month.

Please contact the Australian Taxation Office for information regarding your super. You can visit their website here.

You will be taxed according to the details you provided in the Tax File Number (TFN) declaration form you submitted to us during your on-boarding. Please contact the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for advice on your particular case.

You can visit their website here.


It depends on your job category, which you can find in the email sent to you after you have accepted a job, under "Conditions of Assignment".

Office Support roles (Clerks Private Sector Award 2010) are entitled to a penalty rate on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Promotions and Events roles (Amusement, Events and Recreation Award 2010) are entitled to penalty rates on Sundays and public holidays.

Market Research roles (Market and Social Research Award 2010) are not entitled to penalty rates.

Please ensure that you submitted your timesheet by the end of each week and that your Weployer approved it the following Monday. Be aware we run the payroll on a fortnightly basis and that your pay will always reflect the hours you worked in the previous 2 weeks.

If all of the above has taken place, please contact us at and we will ensure your banking details are correct.

Payslips are sent via email on Fridays (following payday on Thursdays). If you have not received your payslip by Friday evening, please contact us at

Weploy makes superannuation payments quarterly, as per the dates below.

Quarter 1

  • 1 July – 30 September
  • Payment due date: 28 October

Quarter 2 

  • 1 October – 31 December
  • Payment due date: 28 January

Quarter 3

  • 1 January – 31 March
  • Payment due date: 28 April 

Quarter 4

  • 1 April – 30 June
  • Payment due date: 28 July

When a payment due date falls on a weekend or public holiday, the payment will be made on the next working day.

Please contact Australian Taxation Office (ATO), they will advise on your residency status. In order to change your residency status, you will need to complete a new Tax File Number declaration form, available here, and submit it to us at

You can visit their website here.

If your timesheet has been submitted and approved on time by your Weployer, you will be paid the following fortnight. We deposit your pay using the bank details you provided to us during your onboarding. Weploy's pay runs occur every fortnight on Thursdays.

  • i.e. You worked Tuesday, May 1, and Wednesday, May 2, and submitted your timesheet at the end of your shift on Wednesday. Your Weployer will need to approve your timesheet by close of business, Monday, May 7, in order for you to be paid on Thursday, May 17.

It depends on your job category. You can find this information in the confirmation email sent to you after you've accepted a job, under "Conditions of Assignment".

Office Support and Administration roles are under Clerks Private Sector Award 2010, Events and Promotions roles are under Amusement, Events and Recreation Award 2010, and Market Research roles are under Market and Social Research Award 2010.

Your timesheet is only meant for reference. When your pay is processed it is also subject to tax. Your payslip will state the hours worked, rate, superannuation contribution, amount taxed, and of course, your pay.

If there is a discrepancy between the hours you actually worked and what is stated on your payslip, please contact us at

A Weploy pay week is from Monday to Sunday, and we are paid on a fortnightly basis, typically late on a Thursday. A pay will include all shifts worked in the fortnight prior to pay week, up to the Sunday.

This means if payday is Thursday 17 March, this payday will include all shifts from Monday 28 February - Sunday 13 March.

The remaining Australian pay dates for 2022 (NZ pay dates are the alternating week):

17 March
31 March
14 April
28 April
12 May
26 May
9 June
23 June
7 July
21 July
4 August
18 August
1 September
15 September
29 September
13 October
27 October
10 November
24 November
8 December
22 December

Please note that pay is processed on these days, but it may take a further business day for it to appear in your bank account.

If you experience delays with your pay, please feel free to get in touch with


We understand that things happen and people get sick sometimes. If you are currently in a job and are too unwell to go into work, please get in touch with the Talent Team at 03 8459 0203.

If at all possible, please provide us with a minimum of 2 hours notice before you are due to begin your job assignment.

Under no circumstances are you to not show up for a job assignment without giving notice to the Talent Team, nor are you to arrange for another Weployee to cover your shift.

Please refer to the Weployee Handbook for the full Sick Leave policy.

You will need to speak directly with your Weployer regarding any requests for leave.

Under no circumstances should you take days off without informing your Weployer or contacting Weploy.

You are required to speak directly with your Weployer regarding any requests for leave. The Talent Team can be contacted via 03 8459 0203 or

Yes! Our Weployees can ‘show interest’ or ‘accept’ a maximum number of 2 job assignments at any given time.

This is to ensure that everyone in our Weployee community has a chance of securing a job assignment.

For Weployees currently in a job assignment, they will be able to receive job opportunities starting from 2 weeks before the scheduled job end date.

Weployees are typically recommended to wear business casual dress, if no other work attire guidelines are given by the Weployer. Business casual is less formal than traditional business wear but is still intended to give a professional and businesslike impression.

Dress pants or khakis with a full-sleeve button-down collared shirt is typically acceptable. Ensure your clothes are ironed and wrinkle-free. Ties are usually not necessary.

You can find the contact details for your line manager in your Current Job screen under "Contact". You can contact your line manager via phone or email.

Weployee Wellbeing

At Weploy, it is our top priority to help our candidates succeed. To assist your well-being inside and outside of your job assignments, Weploy offers free counselling support via the Employee Assistance Program. Click the link below to find out more.

Employee Assistance Program

Below are some support services which are free to access. If you need support to change your work arrangements while on assignment, our Talent Team is here to help - you can either contact us via the Weploy app or via email


Employee Assistance Program 

Access to 24/7 confidential phone counselling through Weploy.

Call: 0407086000



Beyond Blue

Access to immediate support. All calls and chats are one-on-one with a trained mental health professional, and completely confidential.

Call: 1300 22 4636

Email, chat services and online forums available via website.



Access to 24-hour crisis support and suicide prevention services.

Call: 13 11 14

Text and chat services are available via website.



MensLine Australia is a telephone and online counselling service offering support for Australian men anywhere, anytime.

Call: 1300 78 99 78

Online chat and video chat services are available via website.


Black Dog Institute

Provides various articles, online tools, and research to improve mental health and wellbeing. In addition, they also link to additional services.

Contact our Weployee support team

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