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Weploy's simple online platform directly connects businesses looking to hire with a community of pre-screened staff

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Our Weployees (Workers)

Find flexible work quickly and easily with Weploy. Our app sends temp roles with some of Australia's best companies, directly to you - with full employer and job visibility.

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Our Weployers (Businesses)

Hire a Weployee for admin and short-term business support in seconds, allowing you to improve productivity and focus on the tasks that really make a difference to your business.

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The Weploy™ Difference

We're building the world's best on-demand staffing platform for temporary office support, working towards a more empowered and agile workforce


Find staff instantly

Hiring at your fingertips with instant access to skills-matched staff and no agency headaches. End-to-end recruitment in minutes.

Hire with confidence

Because our 6-stage onboarding process ensures candidate quality, we can guarantee all Weployees will add value immediately.

Cut the paperwork

We manage payroll and facilitate payments. Meanwhile, you pay a flat hourly fee with an overview of total spend via a simple dashboard.

Improve efficiency

Decrease downtime and increase productivity for your full-time staff. Our on-demand staff allow you to embed agility into your workforce.

How we compare to recruitment agencies

Cut out the middleman and let data simplify the traditional recruitment process. Our algorithm will match you with the right person for your business in a couple of clicks

Recruitment Agency

Inconsistent candidate quality

Hidden fees and margins

Lengthy hiring process

Opaque cost structure

Time wasting payroll and paperwork

Subjective screening process

Waiting for agency turnaround times

Poor candidate fit


Quality guaranteed everytime

Transparent and consistent pricing

Jobs filled in a matter of hours

Full visibility of total hiring spend

Fully managed payroll

Extensive vetting including psychometric testing

24/7 access to talent

Instant matching to the best available staff

Weploy is your flexible workforce

Watch how HotDoc, a rapidly expanding medtech company used Weploy to scale hiring for their business priorities with Weployee Ella who is gaining valuable experience at an innovative company