Case Study



How Employsure uses Weploy's on-demand staff to scale hiring

Michael is the Head of Talent at Employsure. He has a passion for creating happy, productive workforces over the course of his 14-year career. For the past three years, he has been responsible for talent acquisition, experience and engagement at Employsure.

Michael Morris

Head of Talent

“Weploy’s passion for the product and enthusiasm to do something different stands out in the world of recruitment. We’d recommend them to any other business looking to innovate in this area.”

Giving Weploy its' time to shine...

Weploy came to Michael with a proposition:
A completely different approach to recruitment that could ‘kill two birds with one stone’. The Weploy model could help relieve the pressure on his nine inhouse recruiters during peak periods, whilst empower hiring managers to quickly solve day-to-day staffing issues at the same time.

Too good to be true? Michael remembers his initial impressions
after speaking to Weploy: “I’ll try anything once, but you only get one chance. In recruitment, it’s a truism that you’re only as good as your last candidate - I extended the same challenge to the team at Weploy.”

A big challenge for an upstart disruptor...

Employsure has a unique challenge: experiencing an exceptional journey, innovating with a new service category, and extraordinary growth as the fastest growing company in Australia. As a professional services business, people are at the heart of Employsure’s business. Having filled 300 roles in the previous year, the next 12 months promises another 400 roles to fill for Michael and his team.

Previous to using Weploy, Michael relied on its' nine inhouse recruiters to power this immense undertaking, sometimes utilising agencies for specialised positions, or those that were proving harder to fill. Recruitment was therefore an expensive and time consuming process, especially given the scale of Employsure’s rapid expansion.

“Previous to using Weploy, our recruitment team took six hours to fill one temporary position, which had a significant impact on the amount of resource we could then put into filling permanent roles. With Weploy, temporary staff positions now take seconds to fill. The team tells me it’s just like ordering pizza - simple, satisfying and a little addictive!”

Fitting the brief...

This made Weploy a welcome breath of fresh air for the recruitment team: “It changed the standard procedure for us. With no middle man, we were empowering hiring managers to solve staffing problems directly,” Michael recalls.

“We definitely had our concerns. However, the Weployees fit the role capability requirements. The service was an almost instant hit amongst our hiring managers in particular, who loved the platform and how intuitive it was to use. They quickly became comfortable ordering Weployees on their commute to work, who would then be ready for them by the time they arrived.”

Looking forward

The future is clear when it comes to working with Weploy: “Their passion for the product and enthusiasm to do something different stands out in the world of recruitment. We’d recommend them to any other business looking to innovate in this area.”

“Due to external market forces we often need to utilise a large contingent workforce - that’s why we love the flexibility Weploy brings. When we knew we had a busy day ahead, this was the worst time for our in house recruiters. Now they have more time to concentrate on filling critical roles - it’s a win-win for us.”

Start valuing your time more...

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