See how Employsure used Weploy to relieve pressure on their employees during peak periods, empowering hiring managers to quickly solve day-to-day staffing issues.

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Employsure is a professional services business with people at its heart - aiming to take the complexity out of workplace legislation to help over 27,000 small business owners across Australia and New Zealand to protect their businesses and more importantly, their people. Founded in 2011, the company is one of Australia’s fastest-growing companies, receiving over one thousand calls per day from employers seeking advice.


As a provider of employment relations and workplace health and safety advice to thousands of small businesses, Employsure, as employers themselves, are a model of best practice when it comes to managing their people. Internal culture and employee experience is critical for their success – both to ensure staff are enabled to deliver an exceptional client experience, but also to ensure they can hire best-in-class talent to fuel their growth.

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The Challenge

Being responsible for talent acquisition, experience and engagement, Employsure’s Head of Talent Michael Morris is always searching for innovative solutions to support the business and continue to enable its rapid growth. Finding the standard turnaround times of traditional temping agencies too slow to meet the business’ demand for new roles that needed to be filled immediately, he turned to Weploy to find a faster and more cost-effective solution.

The Solution

Jessica Everitt – Manager of Talent Projects - began utilising Weploy as a tool to help her hire office admin staff at speed, in order to support the Sydney team of 350 people. In particular, Jessica relied on Weployees to help fill short term gaps in Employsure’s Workplace Experience Team – the team responsible for ensuring the company’s physical workspaces, amenities and social events run like clockwork. 

“The presence of our Workplace Experience team members ensures a world-class experience in each of our offices. It was a huge relief knowing that the Weploy platform could fill a short-term gap in the team in a pinch, meaning there was no disruption to the experience and engagement of our office-based teams.”
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The Benefits

“One urgent project we launched required a high volume of comprehensive data entry. Without Weploy, we would have had to absorb that increased workload across the wider team – likely taking months to complete, and distracting from other important tasks. However, bringing in a Weployee meant we were able to complete the work in a matter of days.”

Jessica Everitt,
Manager of Talent Projects


Using the platform and becoming accustomed to tech-enabled hiring, Jess and her team began to get more comfortable using Weploy for bigger, one-off projects and longer time periods.  

Scaling up at Speed

Sometimes market changes or new laws passed mean that Employsure experiences spikes in call volumes and need to quickly scale up their First Response team (who are responsible for triaging all incoming client calls). 

“Using a traditional route, it can take us up to 10 days to hire someone and have them walk in the door. However, with Weploy we can get multiple people in the door the very next day. This helps us service our clients to the best of our ability by removing wait times and getting them the advice they need as quickly as possible.”

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A Flexible Workforce

Now, members of departments outside of HR are using Weploy to fulfill their recruitment needs directly - finding it easy and intuitive to use and manage themselves. 

“The job template form feature is super useful, meaning I don’t have to fill in the same details over again. Also, being able to hire Weployees that we’ve hired before, who know the business and have worked with the team previously, naturally means we trust them more, which has been a huge time-saver”


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