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“Scaling up our Sydney team with Weploy has meant that we can keep up with our rapid global growth, in what is a new market for us. Using Weploy to cut down our hiring process empowers teams to focus on what they do best.”

Adam Chicktong

General Manager, APAC

Asana is a leading work management platform that helps teams orchestrate their work, from daily tasks to strategic initiatives.
Team Asana needed additional support staff to help them
keep up with rapid global growth.
Here’s how the Weploy solution helped them scale faster than traditional methods of recruitment. 

The Challenge

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Heading up the Asana Asia Pacific business,  headquartered in Sydney, Adam Chicktong is responsible for growing the sales, marketing and support functions across the region. Keeping up with the rapid speed of growth across Asana’s nine-strong offices globally was proving to be an administrative strain on the Sydney team.  With prior experience of hiring via LinkedIn and other recruitment agencies, Adam knew that a speedier solution would be key in order to be able to maintain pace.

With traditional job boards, he found the quality of applicants responding was highly inconsistent. For their customer facing roles in sales and customer support, demonstrating values alignment is crucial. Furthermore, the process of sifting through applications, screening and developing a suitable pool of candidates before selecting, onboarding, compliance and payroll admin takes up valuable time that Adam just can’t afford.

“I would estimate the Weploy solution is around four times faster than the traditional hiring methods, allowing us to onboard someone within 1 week of internal approval. This is incredibly helpful given the speed at which we move.”

The Solution

Asana had a need for securing high-quality, values aligned temp staff in a short space of time. By providing an all-in-one recruitment and contingent workforce management platform, the Weploy dashboard proved an easy solution for Adam and his team to work together seamlessly on their temporary staffing needs. Not only was it faster than traditional solutions, but filling roles via Weploy meant that team Asana were relieved of additional administrative tasks that threatened to take team members away from their true craft.


Thanks to the “ease of doing business” with Weploy, Adam and his team are “100%” satisfied with the process when it comes to filling admin focussed roles.

Asana office

The impact

Time to hire reduced from one month, to one WEEK

The average time taken to hire for an Office Coordinator role at Asana was reduced from four weeks, to one week.

Integration was significantly faster and more seamless than outsourcing to other recruitment agencies or solutions.

Internal resource relieved from spending their time on recruitment activities.

Time saved allows team members to maximise their focus on growth activities and strategic work.

Online timesheets and temp assignments managed in one live dashboard makes for easier budgeting and more effective forecasting.

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