How to Nail Your First Day

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Sara   |   July 22, 2020
happy staff day one

So you’ve downloaded the Weploy app, gone through the onboarding process and secured your first assignment. Exciting times. We already know you’re an A* employee, but now, it’s time to get ready to show up and let your Weployer (employer) know it too by making that all important first impression and absolutely ACE day one! Every Weploy role is slightly different and will require slightly different skills and experience to excel, but there are always some simple things in common that every Weployee can and should practise in every role they undertake to set themselves up for success. Nailing your first day as a Weployee will help build your profile on the platform - increase your chances of a re-hire and of course, secure a full 5* star rating. It all comes down to the '5 Ps: Prepared, Punctual, Professional, Polite and Positive




There is always going to be a little bit of the unknown when you’re accepting a role via an app on your phone. By the time that you’ve accepting a job assignment on Weploy however - we expect all our Weployees to be mentally prepared for the role and all it involves. To make sure of this - the best place to start is the Job Post itself. Make sure you have read the post in full so that you know the company name, whereabouts the job is, when it starts, and when the assignment will finish. Check your calendar before you accept to make sure there isn’t anything you’ve committed to already that will impact your ability to attend at any point. Make sure you’ve read the Weployee Code of Conduct in full, and know what to do if you are sick or need to abandon the job in the event of an emergency. 

Code of Conduct

Familiarise yourself as best you can with the Job Description that one of our team members has sent to you, so that you’re across what will be expected of you when you’re there. For bonus points, it’s a good idea to research the company before you turn up there so you have some background info on the history of the company, have read the company mission and values, and know the names of the Leadership team for example. 

If you’ve been out of work for a while, you may be out of practise. Giving yourself good time to prepare will give you a chance to brush up on your skills. If your assignment is as a Call Centre representative for example, why not engage in a little roleplay with a friend or family member? You could even call up a large Telecommunications or Financial company (maybe even a competitor of your Weployer!) and take note of how they interact with you so that you are aware of what good looks like in a similar industry. 

Preparing for work means taking care of yourself too. When you’re packing your bag, include a drink bottle to keep hydrated throughout the day and a packed lunch because there may not be places nearby to find food. We all gotta eat right!? You will be allocated breaktimes according to the job duration so make sure you’re aware of these in advance and remind your employer when you are due to take them in case they don’t point this out for you. It’s also a good idea to bring a notepad and pen so that you can write down any notes you know you’ll need to remember in order to be successful in the job. The first day in any role can be exhausting which means you are more likely to forget things. If in doubt, write it down. Getting into the habit of doing this will set you up for success far beyond this role! 

Finally, make sure your phone is fully charged and in good working order. You’ll need it to contact us if anything goes wrong or if there is something you need to check up on to make sure you’re nailing it! 




Ok, you’re prepared. The next step is to get to the job. Be. On. Time! Weployers use the Weploy platform because they need to rely on support from skilled temp staff like you - at the times they need it most. It is critical to your success on the platform that you show up at the time that’s expected of you. The job post will include the full address, and the app will usually provide specific directions from where you are at the time. You could also practise your commute into the office before Day One too so that you know where to go and how long it takes to make 100% sure you arrive on time.

Avoid being late by planning to arrive slightly early. It’s far better to get there early and have time to spare than it is to arrive late and have to rush, especially on Day One. Think of arriving on time as another opportunity to build your Weployee profile. Don’t forget that Weployers will rate your performance following your assignment, and arriving late will always make a poor first impression which isn’t a great way to start.




While working as a Weployee can be fun and a way to meet new people, your primary focus should always be on getting the job done to the best of your ability. That means always showing up with a professional attitude. Whilst this means something slightly different depending on the nature of the assignment and the company  itself - being professional always means keeping your phone away, and limiting other kinds of social interactions unless you’ve chosen to take a break or finished work. It means listening to your Weployer and taking care to follow direction to the best of your ability. 

In addition to having a professional attitude, we also encourage you to make sure your look is professional too by ensuring what you wear is appropriate for the workplace you’re entering. There is more detail on this in the Weployee Handbook, but we recommend sticking to a ‘business’ dresscode which means plain, neat and conservative. Button down shirt, closed toe shoes and a tailored jacket if you have one. Remove any piercings you might have (outside of ears) to be safe, and leave the patterned jumpsuits and sports gear for the weekend! 




This one goes without saying but we do expect all our Weployees to be polite and courteous at all times. Being polite will make it easier to do your job better too because if you’re polite and easy to work with, people will be able to help you better. You will get more work done, faster and even grow your skills. You have a unique opportunity as a Weployee to gain first hand experience inside some of Australia’s largest brands and most forward thinking companies. The people you’re working with are at the top of their game. If you’re polite, respectful, and look for opportunities to go above and beyond what is expected of you - you never know what you may learn from them and how they could help you out in the future. 




The final ‘P’ to take note of before you head to your first Weploy job is for Positivity! A positive attitude and a “can-do” mentality will help you quickly gain the respect of your Weployer and the other people you’re working with, which makes it all the more likely you will NAIL the job. Maintaining a positive mindset will also help you deal with any stress the job may create. It means you are more likely to look for solutions rather than focusing on a problem. Approaching your work with positivity has three benefits:

  • You are naturally able to see other opportunities,
  • Your ability to problem solve will improve, 
  • Constructive and critical thinking is encouraged.

These three benefits are key for professional growth and nailing life in general! The other, and most beneficial, element of taking a positive attitude with you to your Weploy job, is that doing so will boost your confidence and make you happier overall.


So, now that you’ve got the ‘Five P’s down - we’re confident that you’re ready to nail your first day! We’re excited to see you go ahead and secure a 5* rating on the app, and get booked for many more job opportunities on the platform, continuing your personal and professional growth. Since we’re enjoying thinking of other helpful things that begin with ‘P’ - one last one to be aware of is ‘Pattern’. Think of the above five ‘P’s as a pattern for all your jobs with Weploy. Always be prepared, punctual, professional, polite, and positive when you show up for a Weploy assignment. While it might take some Persistence, and Practice - you’ll also get higher ratings which means more opportunities for more work. And more work means.... more Pay! Ok, we’ll stop now. Promise. 

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