The Essential Guide to

On-Demand Staffing

Why you should care about on-demand staffing

We are heading into the fourth industrial revolution, the technology revolution. Technology influences every part of our lives, as individuals and as business leaders. But it’s not the change itself which is causing so much trouble. Rather it is the increasing speed of that change that is challenging business leaders.

We’ve all heard the term disruption, it’s overused but accurate. Businesses that don’t challenge the status quo are slow to adapt to new operating environments, and as Klaus Schwab noted, get eaten by the fast.

Think Uber and the Taxi industry, Amazon and retailers, Netflix and video rentals. These companies didn’t just take out competitors, they fundamentally changed the industry in their image.

Adaptability and innovation aren’t owned by the product teams, organisations should embed agility at every level of their organisation. This essential guide will explain how to use ondemand staffing to become more agile and competitive.

“In the new world, it is not the big fish which eats the small fish, it’s the fast fish which eats the slow fish.”

Klaus Schwab
Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum

What is on-demand staffing?

At Weploy we find there are three main strategies companies adopt to engage on-demand staffing platforms.


A common reason for using on-demand staffing platforms is to fill an immediate gap such as a receptionist calling in sick. Not only does this fill the immediate need but it helps improve employee satisfaction as frequently those roles have to be covered by others in the team putting extra strain on productivity.

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The majority of the companies that use Weploy are operational in nature. Common scenarios include cover for holidays,  to help return to work parents with flexible working arrangements, helping temporary backfill during the recruitment process for permanent roles, and helping project based teams scale to changing workloads.

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An emerging trend where Weploy works in partnership with companies to pilot new organisational structures to increase productivity. Weploy helps identify non-core activities within business units or teams and then helps outsource these tasks to a Weployee or group of Weployees, ensuring full time staff are doing their jobs.

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Fill short term urgent needs

As a rapidly growing healthtech company, HotDoc has a small team working to achieve high goals. As their business expands, they come across unexpected gaps in office support that regularly create an urgent need for on-demand staff.

When the Chief of Operations found one morning he was short an Office Support worker, he used Weploy’s on-demand staffing platform to quickly post his requirements and get the right candidate in the office that same day. HotDoc has gone on to use Weploy to confidently hire for over 50 of their tactical short term needs. 

“Something that I found really different from other marketplaces, is how quickly it is with Weploy to jump in and create the task”

Ben Rule
Chief of Operations, HotDoc




Outsourcing administrative tasks

Catch Group, one of Australia’s leading eCommerce organisations, uses ondemand staffing to forward plan for their ever changing workloads. In the past, the extra time spent sourcing and interviewing candidates combined with the need to find security compliant temporary staff put a serious resource drain on their hiring managers. Using Weploy, they are able to scale their team with highly vetted staff that have the right skills for the jobs their projects require.

“We are like a concertina - we grow and contract, grow and contract. Using Weploy to be able to work to that is extremely important”

Ben Cartland
Talent Acquisition Manager, Catch Group




Role atomisation and organisational design

PwC leveraged on-demand staffing to meet urgent needs within one of their innovation teams. Weploy identified atomised elements of the jobs involved and used these to filter the candidate pool.

The Weployees matched on these criterias were perfectly skilled to unburden knowledge workers from repetitive admin tasks and spend their time on more value adding activities.

The initial on-demand workers did such an amazing job that Weployees are now working across PwC teams in Melbourne and Sydney, and across other units within PwC to provide support staff.

What to look for in an on-demand staffing platform?

When considering an on-demand staffing partner there are four critical criteria to assess. These will ensure you reduce your risk and get maximum value.

Quality Assurance

The most important element to any on-demand staffing solution is the quality of the talent pool. Often platforms will put the onus of vetting onto the hiring company - effectively making them only an online job board. Weploy takes on the quality assurance of every Weployee. In fact we trust our onboarding so much that if you’re not satisfied with the quality of a Weployee, it’s on us.

Every Weployee goes through extensive skills, cognitive and psychometric testing, as well as a face to face interview. This ensures they can walk into a role and immediately add value.


Speed is one of the main differentiators between on-demand and traditional recruitment agencies. By removing the lengthy shortlisting and interview process for temporary workers, the average time from a job being posted to acceptance goes from days to under 30 seconds.

Rather than spending time and effort on filling short term jobs, recruiters and business line managers can instead focus on the activities that matter most to them and the business.


A critical reason businesses have been unable to use on-demand platforms in the past has been compliance and legal risk. Weploy has been built with business in mind, as such all workers are employed by Weploy. We manage all payroll so you don’t have to worry about the management of correct award rates, insurance or superannuation. In addition, Weploy carries out relevant police and work rights checks so you can hire with confidence.


A common problem when dealing with recruitment agencies is the lack of control and visibility into hiring costs for temporary workers. Weploy has built an intuitive, human centered dashboard that makes it simple to see who’s currently working, for how long, and what the costs are.

What is a Weployee?

We guarantee the quality of every Weployee. In fact, we are so confident in our vetting process that if your Weployee isn’t suitable for the job, we’ll replace them immediately and cover the cost of their first day. We stand by our Weployee promise due to the comprehensive vetting process. This includes two interviews with our Weploy Experience Officers, cognitive, skills and psychometric testing, as well as police and work rights checks.

Our Vetting Process


Phone Screen

Brief initial call to understand the candidate’s drive and goals.

Cognitive Testing

Assessing numerical verbal and abstract reasoning drive and goals.

Skills Assessment

Testing for specific skills such as data entry.

Psychometric Test

Uncovering the soft skills that are essential to success.

Face to Face Interview

An objective, behavioural based interview to remove bias.

Police and Work Rights

All Weployees checked that they are able to work.

What can a Weployee do?

To succeed in uncertain and volatile operating environments organisations must look to build agility into their workforce.

On-demand staffing platforms allow organisations to tap into talent whenever and wherever they require. This instant access to talent offers new ways to reimagine the workforce and increase employee engagement and productivity.

We assess potential Weployees through 5 lenses

Learning Ability

Logical reasoning and the ability to find patterns within data and apply these patterns to solve problems. 

Emotional Intelligence

Adaptable, composed, collaborative and socially aware. Relates well to others, with strong interpersonal skills.

Customer Focus

Responds to all social cues and is motivated by exceeding customer expectations and fulfilling obligations to others.

Action Orientation

Meticulous, detail-focused and reliable. Follows through on tasks to ensure they are carried out accordingly.

Learning Agility

Ability and willingness to learn from experience and apply that learning to perform successfully in new situations. 

Common Roles for Weploy



General Administration


Data Entry


Customer Service


Business Support


Executive Assistant

If you have a role that doesn’t clearly fit into one of these categories please contact our Growth Team on and we will advise how a Weployee is able to help.

Customer Success Stories

Immediately backfill with confidence

The short notice sick call...
Kathy was on her way to work at 7:30am when she received a call from her receptionist calling in sick. The reception needs to be manned at all times and with such short notice Kathy was concerned she would have to spread the responsibility of manning the desk to other team members, which would impact productivity.

The no headache solution...
Kathy logged into her Weploy dashboard and published a job in under a minute, still on her journey into work. Just 12 seconds later the job was accepted by a pre-vetted Weployee and Kathy could relax and not worry for the rest of her commute.

Changed the way she recruits temps...
Audrey arrived at the Lonely Planet office ready to go at 9am, (with gluten free donuts in hand) and hit the ground running. Based on the experience Kathy no longer uses recruitment agencies, saving her time and money and allowing her to focus on the activities that matter most to her and the business.

Kathy Summers

People Operations Consultant, Lonely Planet

We made hiring ondemand staff simple


Fill in role information


Weploy matches with best candidates


Weploy arrives


Confirm Timesheet


Weploy manage payment

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I hire a Weployee?

For as long or as little as you like between 4 hours and 6 months - this flexibility enables you to scale your hiring to your needs, when you need it the most.

How many Weployees can I hire at once?

You can hire as many as you need. If you have very large requirement, of say 20 or more please speak with the Growth team so we can assist with your request

What if I don’t see the role I need to hire for?

Weployees are cognitively qualified for any administrative or business support function. If there is a specific systems knowledge you require, please contact the growth team for support.

How do I know they will be a cultural fit?

We pride ourselves on our 6-stage vetting process, which goes beyond the traditional CV to assure that all Weployees are personable, adaptable and ready to get stuff done. If you’re not happy we’ll happily replace the Weployee and cover the cost of one day.

Why can’t I interview the Weployee?

The real question is why do you even need to? We screen all our potential Weployees through a six-stage vetting process that includes a face to face interview, saving you valuable time. Since we own the vetting, we guarantee the quality of every Weployee, if you don't feel they are the right fit on their first day we'll replace them free of charge.

How can you guarantee they can do the job?

Each Weployee goes through a six stage vetting process that includes skills, cognitive and psychometric testing. We look for people that can hit the ground running and are adaptable. If you’re not completely happy, we’ll replace the Weployee for you, covering the cost of one day.

How much does it cost?

Accessing Weployees on our self-service platform is entirely free. Once you have hired a Weployee, you'll pay a flat, hourly fee for their services for however long you need them, from four hours up to over six months. 

How do I pay for a Weployee?

At the end of each week, the Weployee will submit their timesheet reflecting the hours they worked via the Weploy app. The Weployer will have 48 hours to approve the timesheet, and Weploy will invoice you the flat hourly fee accordingly.

How do I manage Weployee costs?

Transparency and honesty are our core values - this is why Weploy provides a full break down of all the fees paid. We’ve designed an innovative platform that reduces traditional overhead costs and passes on savings benefits to our clients and community. We charge a flat service fee vs the 30-50% industry margin rate. Your personalised dashboard can be viewed when you login to your account and will help you manage your total spend.

How are rates calculated?

All Weployees are paid the correct award-based hourly rate, including superannuation, payroll tax, WorkCover, a flat service fee, and gst.

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