What roles can a Weployee do?

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Sara   |   June 24, 2019
What roles can a Weployee do?

Our pre-vetted talent pool, or 'Weployees' typically score 63% higher than average when it comes to soft skills such as problem solving, adaptability and communication. This means that a Weployee will be able to step in and add value to your business in many different functions. Depending on what the role is, Weployees will usually possess the same skills that staff at any other temp agency would offer. However, with Weploy, you can view the skills, psychometric profile, experience and certificates they possess before selecting them for the job, for added peace of mind. Being on demand, you can hire them for help with a specific job for one morning, and extend their duties if you're happy with their performance for a few days or a few months. The roles that a member of on demand staff can do extend into multiple different departments within a business such as Human Resources, Finance and Marketing and some examples of the tasks are listed below:


1. General Admin

  • Filing and mail room maintenance
  • Procurement and maintenance of IT hardware and office equipment, supplies and stationary 
  • Managing front of house - incoming calls and visitors
  • Filing and mail room management
  • Updating database/CRMs
  • Scanning and filing


2. Receptionist/Executive Assistant

  • Liaising with external contacts and vendors
  • Taking meeting minutes, diary management
  • Booking travel
  • Preparing slides and presentations
  • Setting up Video Conferencing for meetings
  • Project Management support
  • Supporting day to day needs of C-level office members 
  • Maintaining cleanliness and communal area presentation
  • Managing social channels
  • Screening inbound calls and emails


3. Human Resources

  • Coordinating employee access to internal systems 
  • Update sensitive employee/customer information (Date of birth, addresses, Bank details etc)
  • Conduct initial candidate phone screen and interviews
  • Background and VEVO checks for potential candidates
  • Compiling employment contracts and letters of offer


4. Finance 

  • Reconciling Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable invoices and credit card purchases
  • Light bookkeeping 
  • Spreadsheet creation and data entry 
  • Managing and filing receipts 
  • Employee expense claims
  • Compiling reports 
  • Gathering data for reporting 
  • Reconciling monthly ledger


5. Sales  

  • Qualifying inbound leads
  • Compiling reports and analysis for accounts
  • Liaising with Finance department and other stakeholders
  • Appointment setting and calendar management 
  • Leads and Market research
  • Curating content from relevant sources 
  • Creating leads lists and enriching account data in CRM 
  • Data entry and CRM management 


6. Marketing 

  • Social media management/analytics. 
  • Social media scheduling and calendar management
  • Market research
  • Data enrichment/CRM Management 
  • Coordinating mailouts and content collateral delivery
  • Basic reporting and data entry
  • File and image management
  • Event planning and support

The best time to hire a temporary staff member is NOW! A Weployee is ready to add value to your business from the very start, and with an easy, intuitive online process, it is super fast and efficient hiring on demand staff via the Weploy platform. For a few hours, a week or a few months, a Weployee will help to scale up your team during busy periods and allow you to focus on what you do best. 

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How to Hire on-demand Staff

Let's say your receptionist calls in sick, or has some annual leave coming up. The quickest and easiest way to fill the gap immediately, is to hire a pre-vetted Weployee who is available and job-ready from the moment you need, reducing the need for time spent on briefing recruiters, waiting for applications and interviewing potential candidates.

Perhaps you don't even have a receptionist yet but your team is growing and administrative needs are spilling over into the day to day and impacting deliverables. Why not try hiring a Weployee for a few hours a day or a couple of days a week to ease the burden on the rest of the team, or help specialists focus on what they're best at during busy times. 

This video, narrated by our co-founder Tony, walks you right through how to hire a Receptionist, from the creation of your Weployer profile, right through to posting the job....

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Businesses of all sizes and industries use temp agencies to help them bring on extra staff quickly when they find themselves in need of support. 

It could help them flex up during seasonal peaks or when an unexpected shortage arises. Having instant access to a pool of work-ready business support talent is reassuring in uncertain times or in the event of a crisis 

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