Product Updates

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Sara   |   September 19, 2019
Product Updates

Multiple Jobs

Our vision at Weploy is to help create a fearless and empowered future of work and as part of this, we are committed to improving the way our Weployees organise their working lives, with greater flexibility and control. The new "multiple jobs” feature means our Weployees will now be able to view and accept future jobs two weeks from the end-date of their current engagement, empowering them to forward plan and manage their time better.

Job Extensions

If you’d like to extend your Weployee beyond the job end date, you will need to give us a heads up before they are booked by another Weployer. We understand that sometimes jobs last longer than anticipated. (Or your Weployee is too good to let go of!) We’ve released Extensions -a feature for you to request a new finish date for your Weployee. As our Weployees are in high demand, we encourage you to use the extensions feature within two weeks from the finish date of the job.


Business is constantly in flux and things are always changing - new clients are won, due dates shift, and project parameters change.  We get it! Having the flexibility to change your Weployee job dates, even whilst the job is live means that we can help business leaders embed agility into the workplace, maintaining the day to day whilst all the madness happens on the surface!  

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