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Sara   |   September 28, 2018
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"The first time I used Weploy, I was just really surprised by how quick it all happened. From posting to actually having someone come into the office… it was less than an hour. And that never happens with temp workers. We’ve mainly used Weployees for receptionist work, and we’ve probably used about six different people in that role now. One of which, we actually encouraged to apply for a permanent role here. That person ended up making the final round of interviews.

How it works...

"You basically open the app on your computer. You just have to enter a few simple details mainly about the date you want someone, the time you want them to start, how long you want them for... then you go into the skills you’ll need for the required role. So for our receptionists, we generally need someone with a good telephone manner and good admin skills. Then you hit go, and it gets pinged out to people who have been vetted by Weploy, and then once someone has been matched to the role, they can accept the position. As soon as they accept, a notification is sent to me – and I get a little profile of them which includes their name, a photo, their overall rating (how many stars they’ve been given by a previous employer) and their contact details. Then they generally contact me just to say “Hey, I’m on my way” or “I’ll be there at this time”.
"They’ve all been fantastic. I would have picked all 6 of them myself. Everyone that has come in from Weploy has been pretty mesmerised by the office. I was like a kid in a toy shop (on my first day!) I think we’re a pretty friendly bunch so everyone feels quite welcome.



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