Words With The Weployers
Words With The Weployees

Bryce Bronstein: Weployee to Weployer

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Sara   |   August 11, 2020

Our platform provides temporary work opportunities for skilled workers who enjoy the flexibility of short term ‘gigs’ and being able to shift between different industries and roles. Sometimes, however, our Weployees do such a great job of their assignments that their Weployers offer them full-time opportunities!

If the Weployee in question is open to a more traditional, full-time role - we absolutely always encourage them to go ahead and accept, even if it means we’ll be saying ‘goodbye for now’ as a member of our community. Recently a new situation for us has come up a few times - where an ex-Weployee who has left the platform has become a Weployer! We love it when this happens because it means that we get to carry on working with our talented community members, and it shows us that they have had such a good experience being on the platform, that they are willing to continue flying the Weploy flag within their new organisation. In addition to this - it makes working with them as a Weployer so much easier - they are better able to use the full features of the technology, and they can help manage and grow the new Weployees they employ with first-hand experience of what it’s like being in their situation. 


Becoming a Weployee

One such example of these Weployee to Weployer cases is Bryce. Bryce joined the Weploy platform in June 2018. A Health Science graduate of Deakin University, he had found himself working as an Admin and Accounts manager at Perfect TV pictures - a Television Antenna company in Melbourne. Working in a customer facing role uncovered his skills for communication and empathy, and after two years with the company, Bryce grew into a managerial role responsible for the management of 10 technicians. With his background in health, and a growing compassion for the welfare of others however, Bryce decided he wanted to continue developing his skills and experience in the Healthcare Industry. He began exploring job and volunteer opportunities that would help him learn and grow his career and as a person. Weploy helped him access these. 

“Initially I thought of Weploy as a bit of an experiment. But after going through the onboarding process, and securing my first role, I was impressed with how easy and innovative the process was and I felt more confident with the concept of using an app to access new work opportunities”

Bryce began looking for job posts that would help him upskill in some other industry verticals and dip a toe into different companies that he’d never considered before. Despite being overqualified, when the Receptionist role at Slack came up - he jumped at the opportunity to gain first-hand experience inside a fast-growing tech startup. Not long after the role at Slack finished, an opportunity arose at Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation. As Australia’s leading integrated cancer research, treatment and education centre, the organisation has philanthropic values close to his heart. Bryce was keen to join, and accepted the role as soon as he saw it come through on the app. 


The First Chapter

He joined the Peter Mac team as a Supporter Engagement Officer and Reception Assistant in late May 2019 for a one month gig. After a month, the job was extended for another 2 months. Throughout this time, Bryce gained valuable insight into the wider business, moving from the Supporter Engagement team into the Gift in Wills team throughout organisational changes and team leave periods. In October, his hiring manager encouraged him to apply for a full-time role they wanted him for and by December, he had transferred from a temporary position to a full-time employee of Peter Mac. 

"Fundraising wasn't something I'd considered previously, but after a couple of weeks at Peter Mac, I found myself in an organisation with incredible people all working towards a goal to cure cancers. It has been really fulfilling to start to build a career in an industry that I care about.”

Over the last 6 months, Bryce has grown an appreciation for the unique and multifaceted services the hospital and laboratories provide, and as the first point of contact for inbound enquiries - he has gained insight into the community of patients, donors and partners within the Peter Mac network. The team have begun to recognise Bryce as an invaluable asset, appointing him a leadership role in the Supporter Engagement team for which he manages a team of 4 other officers, doing what he used to do as a Weployee. The company continues to lean on the services of Weploy and Bryce now manages two temporary Weployees as part of his own team. Hiring temps via Weploy is especially helpful if there are peaks and seasonal increases throughout the year. The recent health pandemic has come with increasing challenges too. 

“Demand for support and donor communications has become unpredictable throughout COVID-19. Having the support of temporary staff from Weploy, that have remote access, has been essential to help us manage this”

Working with other temp agencies before onboarding with Weploy gave Bryce an understanding of how impersonal and inconsistent they can be. Going through six stages of vetting including face to face interaction and regular video contact with the Talent team means that Weployees are personable problem solvers with good verbal and non-verbal communication skills, all of which are essential for the Supporter Engagement Officer roles at Peter Mac. 


“Working with the Weploy team as a Weployer is easy and intuitive. I can manage assignment times, approve timesheets and extend roles pretty much completely autonomously. But if I need to check something, the team is always easy to get in touch with and I’ve been really impressed with the quality of candidates I’ve met through the platform.”


The Next Chapter

Bryce admits his current employment at Peter Mac is pretty much the dream scenario and he sees long-term growth with the company in the future. Bryce has recommended the app to his network of friends who are looking for flexible and non-traditional working arrangements, to people who are returning to Australia after periods of travel or are keen to gain hands-on experience at some of the country’s most innovative companies. 

I'm really grateful to Weploy for the opportunities it has opened up for me. Looking back, the transition from Weployee to Weployer has happened so quickly and without any issues. I could not be happier where I’m at right now and am looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead


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