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Meet our Weployee of the Week - Sarah McNamara

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Sara   |   September 3, 2020

In just a few short months on the platform Sarah McNamara has already clocked up over 1000+ hours as a Weployee and earned a perfect 5* rating from her Weployers. Delivering magical customer experience is what gets her up in the morning which is why she's our Weployee of the Week!

What was your favourite job: 

I worked in personal lending at a leading bank in Ireland and that was my favourite. It enabled me to interact with customers all day every day, which I love. I was able to form strong bonds with colleagues as well when I took on a trainer role there which I really enjoyed.


In addition to being paid, how else has your career created value in your life?

I've built invaluable friendships through my previous roles here and back home. Wherever my career takes me - it will always be the people I’ve met that I’ll cherish most. 


Who was the biggest influence in your career: 

I worked in a Health Insurance company and the CEO used to have lunch with random people every day. He sat with me for lunch one day and I remember thinking that you don't see that kind of situation very often….  I'd have to say him.


What would your ideal job be? 

Travel blogger. I love writing and travel is my passion so there is no job that would be more suited to me in an ideal world


What do you like to do in your spare time?

At the moment, jigsaw puzzles have taken over my life! Pre-lockdown, weekend trips to all the lovely hidden gems in Victoria and dinner with friends.


What would be your biggest piece of advice to your 20-year-old self?

It will all work out in the end….. Oh, and those high heels you insist upon wearing are not worth the pain!


What do you love most about working in Customer Service?

The feeling of really knowing that I’ve helped someone, even just one person, every day.


What does Customer-Centricity mean to you? 

Putting the customer at the heart of everything I do.


Can you tell me about a time when you delivered an outstanding customer service experience that they weren’t expecting? 

Once, I had a customer who needed a personal loan for a surgery and needed the funds quickly. I liaised with underwriting and the branch manager to ensure that the loan was approved and drawn down within a few hours. After undergoing the procedure successfully and returning home a few months later, the customer phoned back to thank me personally.


Did Weploy help you with any challenges you’ve experienced in the workplace? If so can you tell me two ways it has helped further your career path?

Until I found Weploy, I had some difficulty in securing a role when I first came to Melbourne. I knew that I had the skills and experience to get me into a Customer Service role, but Weploy offered me the platform I needed to be considered by potential employers.


Do you feel that opportunities through Weploy changed your perspective on employment?

I feel that there is a lot to be learned from the way that Weploy connects talent with opportunity. The industry is brimming with high-quality talent and Weploy's unique interview process ensures that companies can gain direct access to a skilled, flexible workforce with just a few clicks.


What was the process of becoming a Weployee like for you? 

I was recommended it by a friend and as soon as I understood the process, I knew I wanted to become a Weployee. The process itself was very simple and I had support from the internal team every step of the way. Once I was onboarded I had secured a role within a few days!

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