What is Weploy Connect?

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Sara   |   April 22, 2020

Shaun Byrne is a Product Design Leader, passionate about growing teams and innovative product development. With over ten years in global product teams at Redbubble, Open Pay and more, Shaun has a proven track record in end to end product design, development and delivery. Continually striving to understand the user and deliver scalable, but beautiful solutions to meet user and business needs.

"Like many, my role was made redundant during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Suddenly and for the first time in a long time - I was put at odds on what to do next. My instinct was to cast my net wide - network and gather as much knowledge of what roles were out there as I could. The approach helped me meet some amazing people and make better informed decisions about what’s out there.

"Along that journey, I discovered WeployConnect through a friend in the tech space. It offered a new way to get my name out there and be more 'discoverable'. How could I say no?"

"It helps me feel more comfortable knowing there’s a new service getting my name out there and supporting the wider community to get back on track."

How can WeployConnect help during this tough time?

Hundreds of talented and successful Australians have been made redundant, stood down or had their hours reduced due to the current climate. Being part of a community helps these Australians feel more hopeful that despite the employment landscape being so uncertain at the moment, their next opportunity could be just around the corner.


Key benefits: 

  • Despite the employment climate, WeployConnect offers a new way to cast your net wider and provides a new way for employers to discover you without the need for endless job applications 

  • Recruiters can be managing so many people during this time. WeployConnect can reduce the barriers between job seekers, and the people who are doing the hiring so you can focus on finding your next career step. 

  • WeployConnect creates a central place where talent scouts and employers can discover talented people, saving everyone time and ensuring an even playing field.  

  • For companies who have been forced to make the difficult decision to let go of their employees, an invitation to Weploy Connect is an essential resource for a meaningful and sympathetic offboarding process. 

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