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When to Hire a Temp

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Sara   |   July 30, 2019

Businesses of all sizes and industries use temp agencies to help them bring on extra staff quickly when they find themselves in need of support. 

It could help them flex up during seasonal peaks or when an unexpected shortage arises. Having instant access to a pool of work-ready business support talent is reassuring in uncertain times or in the event of a crisis 

- but temporary workers aren’t just a good idea when unexpected occasions arise. Most of the time - on demand staff can actually be best utilised when their presence is planned in advance by key decision makers within the business. 

If you’re in a leadership position, it’s time to familiarise yourself with the wins that a strategic temporary worker plan can leverage and understand when the best times are to access talent on demand from a platform like Weploy.  


When You are in Need of Specialised Expertise

Long periods of temporary employment used to be frowned upon when considering a candidate. Hiring managers judged temps as being unskilled, under-experienced or simply unhireable in full time roles. Thanks to the rise in digital platform work, this viewpoint is slowly changing. Talent with specialised and hard-to-find skills or expertise are increasingly opting for consulting, freelance or temporary work to fit in with their lifestyles or other projects. Some on-demand platforms like Weploy, place great emphasis on the screening process and as a result, can guarantee the quality of the workers on the books. This means that when you have a need for strategic or specialised input into a project, you gain immediate access to a large pool of top-quality talent in specialised areas who will have the added benefit of approaching your business goals from a fresh, external standpoint. This is a double win for you, the client:

  • You reap the rewards of having a set of skilled workers ready to start or end at any time as projects arise.
  • The short term staff may bring new and innovative solutions to the table.

When You Can’t Afford a Lengthy Onboarding Process

Another benefit of hiring from a contingent staffing platform is that you don’t have to enrol them in lengthy (and expensive) onboarding processes. Accessing on demand staff that are skills-tested and work ready means that they can jump right into a role that will suit your needs and their skillset. This is particularly valuable for HR departments in larger organisations that often find their time drained by the constant bombardment of Resumes, Applications, Police and Works Rights checks and the following on-boarding procedures. In fact, the other things that have already been done for busy HR professionals also include: 

  • Talent scouting (As one example, the Weploy vetting process means all Weployees have already been screened for cognitive ability, psychometric profiles, and interpersonal skills).
  • Background checks (Police and works rights checks are already done).
  • Financial admin (We pay all Weployees the correct award-based rate, including superannuation. You pay a flat hourly fee which includes payment to the Weployee, payroll tax, WorkCover and a flat service fee).

When You Have Future Plans to Scale Your Team

Another strategic method of hiring temp staff is when you are planning to hire more full-time resource. Signing a contract with a new hire is a big commitment, especially for SMEs. New hires have the opportunity to dramatically shape company growth, and could make or break team culture within smaller organisations. A smart way for business owners, or C-Suite members within smaller companies to approach new hires is with a potential temp-to-hire arrangement - where you have the option of offering a temporary member of staff a full-time role after their initial engagement has come to a close. This is beneficial because it buys extra time whilst assessing the correct time to step into the next stage of growth and make a new full time hire, whilst still enjoying the added support in the interim. The other benefit of course, is that you’ve already worked with the candidate - you will have seen how they relate to managers and interact with the wider team. For organisations who don’t want to risk being disappointed when it comes to the quality, commitment and reliability of a candidate, the option of a temp to perm hire is a way of “auditioning” for the role instead of following the traditional and sometimes flawed interview process. When the time comes to offer a full time contract, employers can feel reassured they are making the right decision. 


When to hire a Weployee?

The scenarios listed above should prove the fact that devising an on-demand staffing plan to enhance and support the long-term growth strategies of your company is actually best done before the immediate need arises…. so the best time to hire a Weployee is right now. 


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