What Mental Health at Work Means to Me

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Steph   |   September 11, 2019
Mental Health

Work-life Balance

It’s a message that we’re continually hearing companies sing on about as part of their employer branding, which makes sense as research does show it is one of the three motivators for employees. The mythical “Work-life Balance” can also be at times, the key decision-maker for employees, over remuneration, compensation, commissions, career progression, and job security when considering a new role.


For some, work comes first and we can end up de-prioritising ourselves, our family and friends, and forget to pursue the other passions we may have that help to make us feel happy, balanced and successful. Working in a start-up environment, I can see how this can happen, especially at the very beginning, when you’re responsible for creating the culture from the ground up. Being responsible for supporting and nurturing those talented individuals who are taking a risk and investing in the journey of the founders’ vision, to help build a brand, is a huge pressure. The passion of our entire Weploy team, can sometimes mean late nights, long days and going above and beyond for the greater vision. All these factors could cause employees to become demotivated, depressed, and simply burn-out over time. 


Work-life Rhythm

I’m proud to be working for a company like Weploy, where we truly embody the drive for work-life balance at every level - starting at our Executive level through to our community of contingent workers. I recently enjoyed an incredible holiday with my family in Vietnam. I think we have all experienced it hard, at some stage in our careers to ‘relax’ or ‘get out of work mode’ when holidaying, but I felt totally supported by my direct team and the wider business whilst I was away. For me, being able to go on a holiday and not worry was an incredible gift in itself. 


Shortly after returning back to work from Vietnam, I was then presented an amazing opportunity to head to Bali and pursue my passion for Yoga for an additional few days. When I approached my COO and CEO regarding this opportunity, both responded with ‘Go. Absolutely, you must chase your passions, and we cannot wait to hear all about it when you are back”. This attitude and response was also echoed by the rest of the business. 


Having the continued support of the senior leaders within my company, and the peers who would be covering for me really does make a huge difference to how I wake up and view each day. I’m able to strike a rhythm between my work and personal life that allows me to pursue my other passions. This support and flexibility provides me with more confidence, energy, and clarity, which in turn, motivates me to give 100% each day at Weploy. 


Mental Health at Work

This is just my personal example of the importance of supporting your colleagues at every level. Not only does this help them avoid that ‘burn out’ feeling, but allowing them to stop and press that ‘reset button’ when it’s needed, will allow them to perform at their very best when they’re back in the office and more importantly, protect them against the negative effects of poor Mental Health. Employers today have a responsibility to empower each of their employees to live a full and happy life, allowing them to chase their aspirations and maybe even chase a new career path. 


My CEO Tony founded Weploy with the goal to create a "Fearless and more empowered" world of work. For me, feeling like there is a balance between the time I spend with my friends and family, working towards my personal goals, and with the time and energy I devote to my career - is critical to helping me bring my strongest, most powerful self to work each day. This to me, is really what “Work-life balance” and Mental Health at work means. By helping employees to feel fearless and more empowered at work, that powerful feeling of equilibrium is the natural result. Utilising an on-demand staffing platform like Weploy is one of the simplest ways business leaders today can ensure there is a contingency plan in place for when team members need to take time for themselves. Talk to us today about how Weploy can help improve Mental Health in your business.

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