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Meet our Weployee of the Week - Tim Pritchard

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Sara   |   July 8, 2020

Tim is a Marketing Graduate with Customer Service experience at one of Australia's largest Insurance companies. Since he became a Weployee in March 2020, he has earned himself a full 5 Star rating on our platform and has been re-booked by the same Weployers time and time again! He's one of our newest Weployees of the Week, congratulations Tim.

What was your favourite job: 

Customer Service Consultant at Lavazza. I love coffee so it was a pleasure to talk about my passion all day with other like-minded people and improve my professional Customer Service skills at the same time. 

What was your worst job:

Probably when I was delivering brochures door to door! I prefer interacting with my customers so that was pretty isolating. 

In addition to being paid, how else has your career created value in your life?

I really enjoy being customer facing, and the other social aspects of working. Relationship building and lifelong friends are the upshots of work in my opinion.

If you could have one super-human power what would it be? 

I’d really love to be able to fly! 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like spending time with friends as well as playing tennis and football (soccer).

Do you have any other skills or talents others don’t really know about?

I used to compete for Great Britain in Gymnastics.

Name a few of your daily habits? 

A cup of coffee before ANYTHING else gets done - Lavazza of course.

What do you love most about working in Customer Service?

Helping to solve customer problems and leaving them feeling satisfied with the outcome.

What does Customer-Centricity mean to you? 

Making sure that the customer's interests are put first in every aspect and at every step of the process.

Can you tell me a little bit about the challenges you’ve faced trying to find employment?

As I'm on a Working Holiday Visa, it's often difficult to find work, even if it's temporary. I think some employers have an assumption that I'll be unreliable because I'm from overseas. 

Do you feel that the current structure of hiring really allows you to showcase your skills? Why or why not?

I don't think the current structure helps showcase my skills fully. It's difficult to demonstrate my practical and communication skills from scripted interviews or faceless phone screenings. 

Did Weploy change your situation significantly? If so can you tell me two ways it has helped further your career path?

Weploy helped me find a job at a time when I had been struggling to do so for a few weeks. The technology has progressed my career significantly by placing me within an internationally recognised business, and earn valuable experience in a corporate environment which I believe will be attractive to future employers.

What made you try Weploy? 

I loved how innovative the platform is. The process placed me in a job quicker than I’d ever experienced before and eliminated that faceless and intimidating interview step. 

What was the biggest surprise using Weploy? 

I have been most surprised by the amount of contact and support the Weploy staff have provided throughout. Especially during Covid-19, being away from my home country and being a casual employee, I have felt really valued and supported by Weploy,

Has Weploy helped your work-life balance? 

I've always prioritised and upheld a healthy work-life balance, and I feel as though Weploy has helped to support this.


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