Product Updates: User Permissions and Dashboards

We have been hard at work and wanted to share some exciting updates to be released at the end of this year. Moving into 2020, you will have much better visibility and greater control using the Weploy platform within your enterprise, with the User Permissions update. The new Meaningful Dashboard will give you a snapshot of your overall contingent hiring activity

We are constantly releasing new updates and features that help make it even easier to use Weploy. Empowering organisations to manage their contingent workforce more effectively, we'd like to introduce the latest updates: User Permissions and Meaningful Dashboard. Here's a little more about what this means for you...

User Permissions

We are giving you more power with which to manage other users within your company in the Weploy platform. We've added new customisations to provide additional access levels for each user. For simplicity, these are categorised these into two levels. Admins will have full control and visibility over all hiring activities within the organisation, and Managers will be able hire and manage their own contingent workforce more effectively.

User Permissions

User permissions can be assigned when you invite a colleague within your organisation or controlled through the 'Users' section along the top header of your Weploy Dashboard. 

Whilst Admin users can view all current jobs in the organisation, (start and end dates, the relevant manager and Weployee details) managers have a 'lite' version which allows them access to their own jobs only. Only Admin users can assign the role of Admin to another user, meanwhile Managers can invite new colleagues but only as a Manager. 


Meaningful Dashboard

A dashboard is not just about showing a centralised overview of your current workforce, it should also provide you with the most valuable information so you can make important, informed decisions. With this in mind, we've made some tweaks and now, when you visit Weploy you will be welcomed by a brand new dashboard! 


The dashboard is split into feeds - Updates, Insights and an Overview. Time sensitive actions will appear in the Updates feed so that you can 'mark complete' and stay on top of your tasks. A deeper Insights section will also provide you with valuable details of your contingent hires. As we build out the platform the dashboard will provide you with even more powerful prompts to action, giving greater insights and enabling users to get more sophisticated with their overall contingent hiring activity. As always, if you'd like us to walk you through any of these updates or have any feedback, please get in touch with a member of our team and we'd be happy to jump on a call. 


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Written by Sara

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