Meet our Weployee of the Week - Patrick

Patrick is consistently rated 5 out of 5 stars and our clients have called him "Oustanding" "Reliable" and "Amazing". We sat down with the budding neuroscientist with a passion for "Research... and Snorkelling!" to learn a little more about his background and experiences. Read more about our Weployee of the week here. 

Patrick is a grad student at the Bionics Institute studying protein therapies and nanoparticle-assisted drug delivery for hearing loss. With passions for “Snorkelling and Research” our clients have rated him with a unanimous 5 out of 5 stars and he has been called him "Outstanding" "Reliable" and "Amazing". We sat down with the budding neuroscientist to learn a little more about his background and experiences. 


What was your first job: Event support at StartUp Vic


What was your best job: Data entry at Choice Energy Pty Ltd


Who was the biggest influence in your career: My supervisor (Dr. Barbara Chen) during a study visit at Hong Kong University – she is a successful female researcher and lecturer in STEM. I was really impressed by her influence over her students’ future, and that she’s a great mum too!  


What would your ideal job be? A scientist researching in neuroscience or therapeutics/stem cell technology without having to worry too much about getting funding and publications


If you could have one super-human power what would it be? An ability to fly


What’s your guilty pleasure? Draining my office’s coffee machine


Do you have any other skills or talents others don’t really know about? Photography and Graphic design


Name a few of your daily habits? Coffee drinking, phone admin keeping up to date on my twitter feeds and listening to music


What publications do you regularly read? Academic articles or scientific books in physics and materials


Can you tell me a little bit about the challenges you’ve faced trying to find employment?

I have been in situations where I had to compromise my right to choose the best company to work in as a career starter – my recruiters tended to have a larger pool of candidates to select from.

I also had experience in failing to meet my recruiters’ criteria because they tended to pick more experienced job seekers that even the best universities would fail to foster


How do you feel that the current structure of hiring has disadvantaged some people and not others? Do you feel the hiring landscape really allows you to showcase your skills? Why or why not?

The current hiring structure tends to force job seekers to do everything they can to ‘please’ employers when they apply for a job regardless of the actual skills they possess. This disadvantages those who are not that good at communication but actually might fit the role better. 


Did Weploy change your situation significantly? If so can you tell me two ways it has helped further your career path?

Yes. Weploy has removed a lot of the mundane and unnecessary process I would otherwise have to go through to get a proper job (especially a part-time or casual position). Weploy has eliminated the biases I might have encountered applying for a job.  


Do you feel that opportunities through Weploy changed your perspective?

Yes, I think that Weploy provides a level playing field for job seekers and employers to choose their preferences.


 What made you try Weploy?

After going through a few applications, I loved the idea that Weploy is transforming the traditional recruitment process with greater efficiency and removing bias.


What was the process like for you?

New, exciting, encouraging, and inspiring!


What was the biggest surprise using Weploy?

That I could find a new, professional gig in seconds 


Has Weploy helped your work-life balance?

Yes, 100%. Weploy has given me the chance to design my own weekday schedule to my needs.

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Written by Sara

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