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Meet our Weployee of the Week - Adi

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Sara   |   November 12, 2019

Adi is an experienced Business Specialist with demonstrated skills in Analysis, Market Research, Data Management, Customer Relations and Business Strategy. A respectful, diligent and friendly business professional, we even hijacked some of Adi's skills for ourselves on a project for our Sydney talent team!  Adi is currently part way through his PhD in Economics at Macquarie University, but he found time between studying, writing, sketching and making music, to chat with us about how he has found the Weploy app.


What was your first job: The start of my relationship with Weploy was with a role at Storopack Australia back in September 2018.


What was your best job: Probably my role with Australian Council on Healthcare Standards, which involved working with patient records. I’ve worked similar roles before, however I've never felt so emotionally connected to the data I've been working with, giving me  a humble feeling and perspective in life. The team from AHCS were a dream to work with.


Who was the biggest influence in your career: Coming from India, Weploy was my first experience of the Australian workplace. Mikey was my first contact and had a huge impact on me - he made me feel supported which bolstered my confidence to approach any job I could get my hands on through this process. The positive interactions with him made me develop a keen interest in Weploy as an opportunity to showcase some of my skills and be appreciated. I think that still holds true and will for a long time!


What would your ideal job be? As a person I’m driven by logic and enjoy critical thinking and analysis. This has formed the basis of my educational pursuits and has prepared me for an ideal role in analytics and strategy. You could say driving the brains behind a business is where I see myself working. 


If you could have one super-human power what would it be? It’s hard to just pick one! But I would choose immortality. I believe endless time to grab knowledge would be divine, and not having to fear death would bring a new perspective.


Do you have any other skills or talents others don’t really know about? I enjoy working with my hands so I tend to sketch a lot and am into a lot of music instruments. I play percussions, a bit on the keyboard, and a lot of guitar. I’ve been part of a few uni bands performing mostly covers of rock songs!


Name a few of your daily habits?  I make it a habit to try and learn something new before I sleep, and this habit takes me to fields way out of my domain, but I love feeding my curiosity. For example, this week I’ve been watching a lecture series on evolutionary biology and how people make decisions i.e. the rationale behind consumer behaviour.


What publications do you regularly read? As an economist, reading The Economist as well as the WSJ (Wall Street Journal) comes as an ingrained habit. I also tend to read up on articles (not necessarily every bi-monthly publication) of the review of International Political Economy.


Can you tell me a little bit about the challenges you’ve faced trying to find employment? I found that being restricted on the hours I could work as a Uni student really limited the roles I could pick up. I didn't really want to pick up a part time job at a cafe or grocery shop like most students, I wanted to be exposed to strategic and financial teams within a business. But this is hard when u can only make it to office 2-3 days a week, and limits the opportunity out there in my field of choice. I found that strategy and data analysis roles aren’t as freely available for part-time students and the recent trend of companies employing only Domestic students puts a few unexpected barriers in my way as an international student.


Did Weploy change your situation significantly? If so can you tell me two ways it has helped further your career path?  Weploy helped because the nature of jobs are more focussed on data management or business admin tasks which suits me a lot better. Also, the flexibility to choose jobs depending on my schedule was a bonus. Weploy has given me a good base to capture some relevant local work experience here and be a positive indicator to my work ethic. Being a Weployee allow me to signal future employers of not only my qualifications on paper but also show my drive and ethic as a person. It is an amazingly efficient way to make contacts in relevant industries as well and has helped me network with people I wouldn’t have come across with otherwise.


Do you feel that opportunities through Weploy changed your perspective? All my previous work experience has been back home in India where the work culture is significantly different. Working with clients of Weploy and Weploy itself gave me a whole new perspective of work-life balance and how easy things could be in an organisation with none of those cultural restraints!


 What made you try Weploy? My good friend was part of Weploy and recommended it to me over dinner once. I was curious because I'd never come across anything like it before. I registered right there and then!


What was the process like for you?

Michael Nguyen was my first contact at Weploy through my interview stage and had a huge impact on the way I feel about Weploy. Coming from India, this was my first experience working in an Australian setting. He was very supportive and bolstered my confidence to approach any job I could get my hands on through this process. The positive interactions with him made me develop a keen interest in Weploy as an opportunity to showcase some of my skills and be appreciated. I think that holds true till date.


Has Weploy helped improve your work-life balance? Yes definitely. Weploy has given me access to some key opportunities at the right time over this past year. I feel it has helped me to develop as a person as well as support key life decisions like getting engaged 😊 

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