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The Hiring Bias No One Talks About

What is a Non-For-Profit?  Non-For-Profit Organisations are organisations that are operating for their purposes, and not for the profit or gain of ind…


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Why I Started Weploy

Lately, almost every conversation I have with an old friend has gone something along the lines of; Me: "Hey, what's been happening?" Friend: "Forget a…

How a chicken dinner turned into $1 million in funding.

You read about it in the blogs, hear about it from a friend of a friend and see it in the news, but when push came to shove and we needed to raise som…

3 lessons learnt from running my own business

About 4 years ago I decided I was over working in the corporate field, and wanted to do more with my career. Keen to utilise my studies and pursue a c…