What is Weploy?

Confused? Here's a good place to start!

Lately, almost every conversation I have with an old friend has gone something along the lines of;

Me: "Hey, what's been happening?"

Friend: "Forget about what's been happening....

"What the hell is Weploy?!"

So I thought, I'd make this post so it can answer the question to anyone that is curious or still doesn't quite get what we do.

Although we’re not a charity, we’re a very purpose driven company with a cause that hits close to home. When I first received the offer to start working in the recruitment industry I was really excited at the thought that I was able to help people find jobs, and relate to business owners in sourcing top talent to help grow their businesses. As time went on however, I realised there were a lot of things I didn’t see eye to eye with.


A film shot of our CEO & Co-founder, Tony Wu

Day in day out I would meet and speak to great candidates, and businesses who needed people, but due to administrative constraints and lack of time there was only so many people and businesses I could actually help. There had to be a better way.

When I was told about the concept of Weploy, it immediately clicked. In utilising technology for human resource, we can solve two major problems;

  1. Help job seekers break the barriers of employment
  2. Provide SME’s the same level of competitive advantage when it came to resourcing

Having been on all sides of the problem, I joined the team immediately and we went to work with a mission of changing the way the world looked at employment.

Staying true to our values, we’ve now been able to develop the world's fastest and simplest online platform that connects businesses with short term support needs - to a community of pre-vetted, on-demand staff looking for work. And by utilising technology, not only are we able to reduce costs for the businesses, we’re able to skills-match the best candidates for the job without bias and we are able to pay our Weployees (what we call our community of workers) at least 10% above the industry award rates.

So there it is. I hope that answers any questions and if you wanted to see it in action I'd be more than happy to arrange a demo. We’re currently in our final stages of internal testing and will be launching our public round shortly. If you’re interested in being a part of our early beta version please don’t hesitate to reach out by contacting me directly on tony@weployapp.com

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Written by Tony

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