The New School of Recruitment: Talking tech and HR with Xero’s talent leaders

‘The New School of Recruitment’ is a content series about the changing face of recruitment. Each month, Tony Wu, Weploy CEO (with the help of Brooklyn, our resident dog and chief happiness officer) speaks to experts about topics central to recruitment.
This week, Tony and Ruby Lee talk talent and tech with Jo James, global talent sourcer, and James O’Reilly, talent acquisition manager, at inspirational online accounting software company Xero.
Watch the full episode here:
HubSpot Video

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The New School of Recruitment is a content series about the changing face of Recruitment. As part of this, we've covered a few different areas including the Purpose of Work, Employer Branding, Workplace Culture, Tech Talent at Xero and Tech and The Future of Work. To download your FREE New School of Recruitment Syllabus, fill in your details here.