Frequently asked questions

For any time period between 4 hours and 9 months - this flexibility enables you to scale your hiring to your needs. 

Our Weployees are so good often companies don't want to say goodbye. We have a temp-to-permanent staff program to help you build your dream team. 
You can hire as many as you need. If you have a very large requirement, say 20 or more please contact us on chat or by filling out the contact us form.
Weployees are vetted and qualified for a wide variety of business support roles. To see a list of the many things our Weployees can do, please click here.  If there is an additional job function or systems knowledge you require, please contact us.
We pride ourselves on our vetting which means you can rest assured all Weployees are personable, adaptable and ready to get stuff done. If you’re not happy and you let us know as soon as you can, we’ll replace the Weployee and cover the cost of one day.
The real question is why do you even need to? We screen all our potential Weployees through a six-stage vetting process that includes a face to face interview, saving you valuable time. Since we own the vetting, we guarantee the quality of every Weployee, if you don't feel they are the right fit on their first day we'll replace them free of charge.
Each Weployee goes through a six-stage vetting process that has been designed to uncover the best customer service talent in Australia. Via our Psychometric and Cognitive testing, we look for adaptable individuals that have a high EQ and an ability to follow process with speed and accuracy. If you're not completely happy and you let us know as soon as possible, we’ll replace the Weployee, covering the cost of one day. This is organised on a case by case basis so please contact our Weployee Success Team to discuss your experience.
Weployees are a special breed of talent who have gone through extensive skills, cognitive and psychometric testing. We look for people that have proven they are capable of adding value straightaway. In the unusual event that you're not happy with performance, please contact your Account Manager to discuss further. If there is reasonable cause for complaint, we’ll replace the Weployee, covering the cost of one day. 
Accessing Weployees on our self-service platform is entirely free. Once you have hired a Weployee, you'll pay a flat, hourly fee for their services for however long you need them, from four hours up to over six months. 
At the end of each week, the Weployee will submit their timesheet reflecting the hours they worked via the Weploy app. The Weployer will have 48 hours to approve the timesheet, and Weploy will invoice you the flat hourly fee accordingly.
Transparency and honesty are our core values - this is why Weploy provides a full break down of all the fees paid. We’ve designed an innovative platform that reduces traditional overhead costs and passes on savings benefits to our clients and community. We charge a flat service fee vs the 30-50% industry margin rate. Your personalised dashboard can be viewed when you login to your account and will help you manage your total spend.
All Weployees are paid the correct award-based hourly rate, including superannuation, payroll tax, WorkCover, a flat service fee, and gst.

Flat rate pricing

Transparency and honesty are our core values. No hidden fees. Start hiring at anytime.