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Richard Nisbett Quote

“When it comes to choosing a candidate [traditional] interviews are as much use as flipping a coin”

Richard Nisbett

Professor of Social Psychology, University of Michigan

Traditional hiring methods were designed for an era before our current digital capabilities and the statistics show that face to face interviews and CV screenings are imperfect, costly and time consuming. In the New School of Recruitment, it's time to re-think old processes and redesign the way we hire. The Global Recruiting Trends report by LinkedIn suggests that digital soft skills assessments are a growing trend. Job ‘tryouts’ or auditions are largely replacing traditional methods, enabling employers to assess capabilities for a longer period of time, and from multiple perspectives.

“Stop interviewing, start auditioning”

Justin Pinchback,
Head of TA, Citadel.

The Weploy vetting process includes rigorous psychometric profiling and cognitive testing so when a Weployee walks through the door, you can feel confident they are ready to start adding value to your business from day one:

The Weploy vetting process includes six stages - each one uncovering varying talent insights


1. Application Review:
Work experience, Initiative.

2. Skills Test:
Technical and transferrable skills

3. Cognitive Test:
Critical thinking and Problem solving

4. Psychometric Tests:
Emotional Intelligence, Creativity and adaptability

5. Face to Face Interview:
Communication skills, collaboration and accountability.

6. Police and work checks


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If after two weeks, two months, or six months, you’ve realised they are invaluable and are a good team fit, you can hire them full time as a temporary to permanent staff member. Weploy - the ultimate job audition!

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