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Meet our Weployee of the Week - Farah

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Sara   |   February 3, 2020

Farah has worked nearly 800 hours on the Weploy app and has a universal 5* rating from her Weployers. She's just finished up her temporary role at financial services company Perpetual, and is pursuing her travel dreams for a while.  We sent her some flowers to wish her well, and had a chat about how she's found her experience working as a Weployee so far which we've written up here.... 


What was your first job: My first ever job was at a traditional French restaurant aged 15! My first corporate job was at Nespresso as a B2B Sales Rep. 


What was your best job: Probably when I was working for Tesla for 2 and a half years across Australia and EMEA. My roles there allowed me to travel the world, work very hard and learn from some of the best leaders withiin an innovative, disruptive and unique company.


Who was the biggest influence in your career: I’d say my Sales Manager at Tesla, Will Dawson. He taught me to just get the job done and that going above and beyond is always rewarding!


What would your ideal job be? I would love to coach Salespeople remotely and provide strategic business development advice for disruptive companies… much like yourselves! 


If you could have one super-human power what would it be? I’d love to be able to teleport myself anywhere in the world, anytime I want.


What’s your guilty pleasure? A glass of Shiraz at Sundown please.


Do you have any other skills or talents others don’t really know about? I speak five languages. (Well, four I speak fluently and one I get by!) Oh, and I’m a lady who rides motorbikes which often surprises people! 


Name a few of your daily habits? I work out almost daily, whether it’s a jog, a HIIT class, a yoga session or a swim in the ocean near where I live. It just keeps me sane and happy to know I moved my body during the day.


What publications do you regularly read? I love reading Money Magazine or Market Watch, travel blogs such as Indie Traveller or Vogue and Vanity Fair. The usual Forbes articles are always good to go through too.


Can you tell us a little bit about the challenges you’ve faced trying to find employment?

I have a broad CV and it’s always been hard to put me in a box. With a degree in Foreign Languages, people assume I’m not necessarily qualified for business roles, even if I have relevant hands-on experience. It’s definitely harder to find a job if you’re being judged on your name, gender or postcode. I find it frustrating that with traditional recruitment, candidates are not given a proper chance if they come from a certain background or area. It’s good to know that tech-enabled and “blind recruitment” solutions like Weploy are helping to tackling that problem. 


Did Weploy change your situation significantly? If so can you tell me two ways it has helped further your career path?

Yes, by offering me flexibility and a chance to try to work in a place before committing to a long term contract, I get to choose who I work for and make career choices more confidently. Weploy has opened the door for me to get into an industry I’ve never worked at before (Wealth Management.) Without Weploy, I don’t believe I’d have had the chance to get this invaluable experience.


Do you feel that opportunities through Weploy changed your perspective?

I feel more empowered as I get to select who to work for and when. I feel more like my own boss these days which feels amazing!


What was the vetting process like for you? 

At first, I found the tests really challenging so for me, it meant that Weploy was super selective and wanted to provide talented employees to their clients. Once I got to speak to the actual team members behind the tech, I knew I would get support from them. I felt heard. The process felt very thorough, but definitely worth it.


What was the biggest surprise using Weploy? 

Probably how easy the interface is and how streamlined the whole experience is (payslips, timesheets, chats.) Everything is integrated and seamless.


Has Weploy helped your work-life balance? 

Definitely – I’m about to embark on a trip for a few weeks around Vietnam and the Philippines and when I get back, I’m confident Weploy will be my next move. Thanks again legends!


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