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Meet our Weployee of the Week - Danish

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Sara   |   July 23, 2019
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With a Commerce background, a Bachelor of Business Administration and an MBA in Business Consulting and Marketing Analytics, Danish Omar honed his Brand and Project Management skills at a large FMCG company in his native Pakistan. Danish has a knack for communicating insights and using research to gather market insights, drive brand perception and suggest overall improvements. He joined the Weploy platform to find temporary work to fit around his ongoing studies, and here, he reveals a little more about how else Weploy has improved his quality of life.


What was your first job: My first job In Melbourne was within the Fines Victoria division in Department of Justice & Regulation where I worked as a Nominations Processing Officer.

What was your best job: My best job was when I worked as an Assistant Brand Manager, handling a convenience product portfolio. I loved every aspect of brand management and look forward to another role in the field some day.

Who was the biggest influence in your career: My father. He taught me to have resilience and to never give up easy.

What would your ideal job be? My ideal job would be working for a brand that actually makes a difference to the lives of people, enabling our society to do more and do good.

If you could have one super-human power what would it be? It would be to meet people from the past and learn from their experiences.

What’s your guilty pleasure? A freshly baked chocolate chip cookie with a scoop of vanilla gelato.

Do you have any other skills or talents others don’t really know about? Not sure if this will ever help me professionally, but I can touch my nose with my tongue. Does that count?

Name a few of your daily habits? Reading, cooking, socialising, and when I’m done with all of that, watching shows on Netflix.

What publications do you regularly read? I follow quite a few entrepreneurs on LinkedIn and religiously follow their tactics. Apart from that I use BBC & McKinsey Insights app to stay updated.


Can you tell me a little bit about the challenges you’ve faced trying to find employment?

 Being a full-time student there are various challenges that come along the way. While most of the positions require full-time commitment; others just vanish into thin air. So you have to keep applying for more and more – it never stops.


How do you feel that the current structure of hiring has disadvantaged some people and not others? Do you feel the hiring landscape really allows you to showcase your skills? Why or why not?

 The current structure does disadvantage individuals looking for flexible work. More could be done to provide flexibility with opportunities, as the way people hire currently does not particularly allow an individual to showcase their skills due to conventional mindsets.


Did Weploy change your situation significantly? If so can you tell me two ways it has helped further your career path?

 Weploy has changed the situation significantly. Not only has it added more diverse roles to my portfolio, but it has also given me the convenience of getting opportunities with just a click of a button. Weploy enables me to study and work simultaneously, not worrying about managing individual applications to different jobs. Working at Comdain Infrastructure in the HR team, I believe I have learnt a lot and really honed my communication and negotiation skills.


Do you feel that opportunities through Weploy changed your perspective?

 Yes. It has made me believe that there are a lot of work places looking for casual employees which has built confidence in me to keep at it and not lose hope.


What made you try Weploy?

 The flexibility provided by Weploy attracted me. So far, I have loved being a Weployee!


What was the process like for you?

 The process was really easy. Delivering on their flexibility promise, I could interview through phone and video in the comfort of my home. Also, the app is really user-friendly and the Weploy team is always there to help.


What was the biggest surprise using Weploy?

 The ease of getting a job is the biggest surprise, as I just have to swipe right once the job appears on my portal and boom! I’m in. Within seconds the job is assigned to me and I can contact the relevant representative within the business.


Has Weploy helped your work-life balance?

 It has helped take the stress out of looking for part time work, and focus on extra-curricular activities, enabling me to do more of what I enjoy. 

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