4 In-Demand Skills for 2021 and Onward

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Sara   |   January 8, 2021

The nature of work has evolved throughout the years, pushing digital operations to the forefront. In response, this has also bolstered a demand for professionals with the skills to navigate these tech trends. With the growing number of companies going digital, the list of in-demand skills will look drastically different from the previous generations. What's more, as opposed to evaluating workers with the degrees they have, the future of work will prize skills over academic qualifications alone.

In our post on 'The 5 Key Traits for StartUp Success', we talked about the soft skills you need to thrive in the workplace. But if you truly want to future-proof your career, here are some skills you may want to add to your arsenal:

Data Analysis

Research shows that over the next five to 10 years, the occupations involving data analysis will grow even further. Considering how data is now considered the most valuable resource next to oil, organisations of all sizes need data analysts and data scientists to help them sift through mounds of information to make the best business decisions. At the moment, the job market is experiencing a skills gap in terms of data literacy, as companies lose a whopping 43 hours of productivity per employee due to a lack of understanding of data. As the world becomes more data reliant, acquiring more data skills can make you more marketable to employers in the future.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is a rapidly growing market, thanks to the constant churning of technology that is powered by machine learning. In fact, you're probably already reaping the benefits of AI innovation with the tools you use to increase your efficiency at work and the apps you utilise to buy goods and go to places. While there's always the looming threat that AI may replace the work of humans, it also has the potential to change the way we work and live for the better. Professionals equipped with the AI skills to create and deploy artificial intelligence systems are likely to be more sought after in the coming years as companies look to streamline their processes.

SEO Marketing

Data curated by Search Engine Journal reveals that SEO professionals are sought after by companies across the globe, regardless of the industry. From back-end SEO developers to SEO writers, organizations are on the hunt for competent SEO experts to help them compete in their niche. But contrary to popular belief, SEO skills are more than just hitting the right keywords and creating viral content. As noted by SEO experts Ayima Kickstart, SEO encompasses various aspects of the digital experience—from content SEO and link development to technical SEO and overall website strategy. With so many layers to SEO, businesses and companies have been turning to these dedicated professionals to boost their websites' rankings and make them stand out from the pack. When you beef up your SEO skills, you're likely to future-proof your career as it is in demand in a swath of different industries. 

Cloud Computing

According to Statista, the worldwide spend on cloud computing services was estimated to be $126 billion in 2017 and predicted to climb to $163 billion in 2021. As more and more companies adopt cloud technology, the need for professionals who can navigate cloud-based technology will only grow stronger. Since the pandemic has urged businesses to pivot to digital operations, there was a massive migration to apps and platforms that allow employees to perform remote work, making cloud technology a necessity for all businesses, everywhere even those that had been reluctant to adopt previously. The trend will likely be maintained in the next few years as more organisations go through digital transformation.

To prepare for the Future of Work in 2021, it is not enough to rely on your qualifications or educational background. Job seekers these days must be actively looking for growth and learning opportunities and these are coming from an increasing number of new digital channels and platforms. To get started, why not sign up to a free trial of a new software programme? Most of us are practical learners, so be curious, dive into the deep end and get started on warming up your digital skills. Just looking around and experimenting with tech will teach you more than you think! If you'd like to chat with us about how we can help you get hired in 2021, reach out to us below.

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Written by Robin Jane

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