7 Commandments for Engaging Remote Employees

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Martin   |   March 17, 2020

Due to the latest measures taken by the Australian Government in regards to COVID-19, the prospect of managing a remote workforce is fast becoming a real proposition for a number of organisations at the moment. 


Here at Weploy, our leadership team have put in place a Work from Home default policy, until the end of the month, to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and safeguard staff from contracting it. We have formed an internal COVID-19 Response Management team that meets on a daily basis to review new information; re-evaluate our protocols to appropriately reflect the current state of the health concern in each of our response levels


But alongside the very serious precautionary measures taken, employers now know more than ever before about employee experience and mental health,  and it is crucial that businesses have plans in place during this time to ensure their employees are feeling supported, engaged and are able to continue performing at their best in their roles. 


With Employee Wellbeing being a top priority our People & Culture team, along with our workplace culture champions, have come up with a list of activities for remote staff to;

  • Ensure workplace culture is strong, despite employees working remotely
  • Avoid social isolation amongst employees through constant communication
  • Help employees maintain a positive mindset towards work, during these uncertain times 

Without further ado, I present to you - Weploy’s “7 Commandments” for optimal engagement amongst remote workers whilst WFH.


1. Thou Shalt Continue Learning

This involves company leaders and employees running virtual Lunch and Learns via Google Hangout relating to new product features, sales techniques, start up success stories and much more. 

2. Honor Thy Lunch

Utilising internal chat platforms like Slack has allowed team Weploy to create shared forums where team members can post a photo of their lunch for the day and vote on the best one! The lucky winner for Best Lunch of Week could win a tasty lunch on the company card when back in the office or have it delivered via Deliveroo! 

3. Thou Shalt not Disconnect

Hosting a morning meeting via Video Conference is a great idea to quickly discuss tasks, goals and objectives for the day and ensure teams remain connected and accountable. 

4. Thou Shalt Covet Thy Neighbours' Goods

The team here at Weploy is filled with some colourful characters and it’s a true testament to our culture, that despite our many differences, the relationships within our business are so strong. For this activity, our employees are encouraged to share photos of something interesting from home with their colleagues via Slack. 

5. Thou Shalt Celebrate thy Neighbours Wins

Companies can create a “Wins” chat group or Slack Channel to allow people to share their quick wins from home, whether it’s a breakthrough from our product team on a new app feature, successful onboarding of new staff from talent or a new piece of collateral created by the marketing team. 

6. Thou Shalt not Underestimate the Importance of Gossip

This is my personal favourite, for which we schedule a 5-10 minute meeting with colleagues from other teams and just catch up, like you would in the kitchen when making a tea in the office kitchen. Try to avoid work chat here people!

7. Thou Shalt continue to Play 

Ever wondered who in the team can’t stand coriander, has lived abroad, worked in the team the longest etc? Well now you can guess as part of a company quiz! We’re putting up one question per day until the end of the month to help us get to know our colleagues even better! 


Despite the uncertain times we’re all facing, remaining connected and staying engaged has never been so important, particularly if you’re working remotely.. Although it’s early days, the activities and ideas above are so far working well for us here at Weploy and we hope they’ll work for you too.


If you have any other ideas or would like to discuss the option of working with contingent staff, feel free to reach out to a member of our team via the link below. 


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