See how Employsure used Weploy to relieve pressure on their employees during peak periods, empowering hiring managers to quickly solve day-to-day staffing issues.

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Lonely Planet

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Kathy Summers
Kathy has been with Lonely Planet since 2014 and has always loved to travel. Having studied HR at RMIT, her passion is people and supporting them with the tools and resources that help them flourish.
Kathy Summer, People Operations Consultant at Lonely Planet
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Weploy saves Lonely Planet time and money by removing the headache from the hiring process

It all started with a 7:30am call...

Kathy was on her commute into work when she got a call from the receptionist saying she was unable to come in.  This had happened before, and Kathy knew what would happen next. She'd have to wait several hours for a shortlist of temps for screening and selection. “At best there may be a replacement by 11am but until then it would be up to the Customer Service agent to cover the front desk, meaning unanswered calls and unhappy customers”. Though they might look good on paper, past replacements often lacked the drive to really add value to the business. Kathy just assumed this was a part of recruiting for temporary hires and would have to lower her expectations for the quality of temp workers.

There had to be a better way...

It was frustrating that a simple issue had such a disruptive impact on the business – not to mention the negative effect on Customer Experience, so Kathy sought out a better way to find on-demand staff. Still on route to Lonely Planet HQ, she logged into Weploy from her mobile and in under a minute had posted the reception job.

Within 30 seconds of her post, a pre-vetted Weployee had accepted the job and Kathy could relax, confident in the knowledge there wouldn’t be any disruption to the business.

The speed was amazing, but the quality is what really impressed...

By 9 o’clock that morning, Audrey was in the office and hit the ground running. Though she knew Audrey had the skills required for the job, it was her attitude that really impressed Kathy. “Audrey, and every other Weployee we've hired since, are real go-getters: eager to learn and add value. This is what makes getting a Weployee so different to my previous experiences with temp hiring.”

Although having someone in the seat is the minimum, Kathy found that the Weployees were engaged in the wider business - which had lasting effects.

“One Weployee came up with a new process that we've implemented across the business- that’s the best part about Weploy - the temp employees add real value to us as a business”.

Team working together

Hiring, transformed...

Since then, Kathy and Lonely Planet have now used Weployees for a number of roles across the business, for both just-in-time and longer term placements.

Working with Weploy has meant Lonely Planet, and Kathy in particular can focus on what she loves - creating amazing employee experiences for everyone. “It seems really strange now that I used to put up with everything that came with hiring temps before”.

“Moving back to the old way of temporary hiring just doesn’t make sense. With Weploy I get quality staff who add real value to the business without any of the stress that I thought was just part of hiring temp staff ”

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