Hire Short-Term Finance Support in Seconds

The run up to the End of Financial Year is a busy time for any business. It can be a struggle for teams to keep up with their day to day tasks whilst ensuring they are getting accounts prepared. Did you know that it only takes a couple of minutes to set yourself up with a FREE Weploy account and a few more minutes to hire short term finance support to help relieve the strain on your team this EOFY?

When there is extra paperwork to get through in the run up to the End of Financial Year and the finance team is lean, it can be a struggle to manage the BAU and keep the business ticking over. Calling in a contingent staff member via Weploy is a great way to support your Full-Time staff. Pre-vetted and experienced in AR/AP, Accounting, Payroll and Finance Admin they will be able to help ensure all your paperwork is up to date and you have kept all the relevant records to support your transactions and claims.

If you're wondering how to get started, watch the video here:

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Written by Sara

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