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Estia Health

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Estia Health is one of Australia’s largest residential aged care providers and has a network of 69 homes across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia, caring for over 8,000 residents annually. This is made possible by the 7,500 team, who work to deliver true-person centred care through a committed and compassionate approach. Estia operates through a genuine, values-based ‘Family Code’, a set of principles which the Estia team live by and extends right through to hiring and recruitment processes.

Veronica Pollard

Recruitment Manager

The Challenge

Estia had been through a significant period of growth, expanding from 10 aged care homes to 69 across four states in just over four years. With such vast expansion and the culmination of many smaller aged care providers, there was a lack of consistency in the casual recruitment process, which was being managed by multiple hiring managers across the organisation. This led to a variable result in recruiting high quality candidates across markets, and it became
apparent there was a need for a clear process and a tool to source high-quality, compassionate, caring teams that would live Estia’s values.

During this time, a centralised recruitment team was established, to manage the introduction of a rigorous recruitment process. Veronica Pollard joined Estia as Recruitment Manager following a rapid period of growth and immediately saw the challenges Estia and the broader industry face


“The population is ageing and by 2050, the aged care workforce is set to triple in size. Despite being such a rewarding career, the aged care sector is not appealing or glamorous. Our objective was to work to change this perception, showing the rewarding, fulfilling careers people can have. As we continued to expand, our needs were growing quickly, but we were struggling to reconcile our company-wide casual hiring strategy”

A New Solution

With over 10 years’ experience, Veronica recognised a fresh approach was needed and looked for alternative solutions to hire Estia’s casual workforce. She began by trialling Weploy for a couple of administrative roles the organisation had struggled to fill with existing agencies.

“We had been trying to fill a four month, part-time role within our Procurement team and we’d exhausted all previous avenues. We were looking for someone with full operational experience and I turned to Weploy. The difference was immediately obvious. Compared to other agencies, the speed of Weploy was incredible. Posting a job on the website was easy, intuitive and the role was filled within minutes.”


In another case, one of Estia’s Hiring Managers was looking for someone to join the Finance team to help with Accounts Payable and needed a quick turnaround to meet business requirements. Veronica’s team suggested they post the role on Weploy and within 24 hours, the job was accepted. The Weployee was able to hit the ground running by supporting the team to remove backlog, going above expectations to stay back and support their colleagues.

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 10.00.20 am

Compared to the original method of hiring temps, Estia’s recruitment team have confirmed Weploy has become the preferred choice, as they have reduced the
time to fill short-term temporary support assignments from to up to two days to two hours. 

“We have become used to open and consistent communication from our Account Director. Michelle provides real-time, honest feedback that reassures us we can rely on the quality of Weployees to support our organisation”.

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