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Ryan Berman is the CEO and founder of Vidcorp – a data driven, mobile engagement platform designed to give businesses of all sizes the data and tools needed to leverage the power of next generation SMS messaging. Identifying a gap in the market, the company was born out of Ryan’s own need to quantify the results of SMS messaging.

Ryan Berman

CEO & Founder

As a small business that’s growing fast – the biggest challenge Ryan and his team face is time.

The executive team are all wearing many hats and doing multiple roles day-to-day so resource had been a key constraint for the business. Being pulled into different directions, Ryan recognised his team were losing focus and running out of time to do what they were actually employed to do. So after meeting one of Weploy’s founders through the Startup community, he decided to sign up and give it a go for a particular project they were struggling with.

Ryan had his reservations at first. How was this new person going to fit with the team? Being a tech company, how long would it take to pick up their platforms and processes? Familiar with the traditional interview process, Ryan was sceptical
about skipping that entire piece of the hiring puzzle.  Nevertheless, he went ahead and posted the job. Weployee Anton accepted in seconds and within half an hour, he had picked up the systems, slid straight in and was even having a bit of banter with the team.

“I mean, I’m not lying it was literally 30 seconds!”

He fitted in almost straight away. Culture wise, “he was fantastic, asking all the right questions and just slotting in. So the whole process from going ‘Yeah, ok let’s push the button’ to finding a candidate, was literally a couple of minutes, it was very impressive”

VidCorp had allocated a timeline of two weeks for the project…but Anton came in and completed it in three days.


As a small business owner, trust is a big factor for Ryan and the time drained on police checks and background research for new hires was a massive turnoff when considering the possibility of temp staff support.

"My key hires will always be full time, but I think having a Weployee come in a few days each week to help take care of some of our other, ongoing work will really help me leverage my core team, freeing them up to focus on that strategic thinking I need them for most"

Whilst Vidcorp continues to grow from a tech perspective and looks to expand into other regions, the time pressures on Ryan’s team are only set to increase.  “Moving forward, we’d love to get Weployees involved” Since hiring his first Weployee, Ryan now feels much more confident to hire from the Weploy talent pool of on-demand staff to help them scale.

“Knowing I've got someone coming in who I can trust, having already been through all those relevant checks, is critical for peace of mind

“Just give it a go”

“There’s still a bit of an old-school mentality about temporary staff – whilst it’s totally normal for the hospitality industry, the corporate world has been a little slow to catch up. I would advise any other small business owner like myself to just go for it.”

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