Case Study

Vic Super


Anthony has been at VicSuper since September 2017. He has a Bachelor of Commerce from Deakin University. Anthony takes pride in driving a great experience for VicSuper employees, and helping hiring managers achieve their goals.

Anthony Loschiavo

Human Resources Manager

Our favourite thing about Weploy, outside of its efficiency, is the people that come in and work for us...

Onboarding with Weploy

Anthony was introduced to Weploy upon joining VicSuper in his role as a people experience graduate. He had initial concerns: “The screening process for new employees is very important to us - we’re a superannuation business. Sending requests through an app and someone who you don’t know accepting the role is a little disconcerting at first.”

It was an attitude shared by some of the hiring managers - can you ‘trust an app’ to provide good, hardworking staff reliably? Will they fit into our culture, or be disruptive?

The right people, available when needed...

Previous to using Weploy, VicSuper did most of its recruitment directly, sometimes utilising agencies for positions that are harder to fill or more specialised. This was a time consuming process, especially when it came to screening candidates for their suitability.

Many managers needed admin, data entry or front desk roles filled quickly, which placed additional pressure on them to achieve this alongside their other responsibilities. When Weployees started to show up, pre-vetted and successfully tackling the work required of them, this quickly became a favoured option amongst the hiring managers.

“Weploy ultimately means the hiring manager has more time to do their own stuff -the valuable things that make our business better. This means our hiring managers like it. Weploy reduces the burden upon them, especially during busy periods where extra staff are most needed.”

“It makes the whole team better, having Weployees on board”...

For Anthony and VicSuper, the most impressive aspect of Weploy however isn’t the platform, it’s the Weployees themselves. “Everyone that has come in to work for VicSuper via Weploy has been ready to go straight away, like a fish to water. In fact some were too good, and got through their assigned work much faster than we had anticipated.”

Anthony has grown to love the people that come to work for VicSuper through Weploy.

“Our favourite thing about Weploy, outside of its efficiency, is the people that come in and work for us. There’s a genuine enthusiasm to come into work from them. They are happy to be here, working for us today. It rubs off and makes the whole team better by having them around.”

A relationship built on trust and made to last...

From initial concerns around the suitability of Weploy, VicSuper has come to view the platform as a way of boosting their agility as a business and hiring for a wide variety of different roles from front desk, to customer support and legal contract work. Weployees have consistently exceeded the expectations of Anthony and the hiring managers at VicSuper “Right now, three of the Weployees that came to us through Weploy are now employees of VicSuper, which speaks to the quality of the staff the platform provides to us.”

“Working with the Weploy team is easy. We can get in contact with them and resolve an issue in the same day. It’s a streamlined process, with easy payments and low amount of admin overall, a big change from trying to manage the process of hiring for those roles directly. It saves so much time to have your own ‘talent pool’, screened and vetted on an ongoing basis by Weploy. We’d recommend any other business who currently fills its roles directly to give Weploy a go.”

Start valuing your time more...

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