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Stirling Institute of Australia

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How Stirling uses Weploy's on-demand staff to relieve pressure on the organisation

David has been a Director at Stirling for three years. He is driven by the desire to empower individuals and organisations to realise their potential and maximise their chances to reach their goals in life. Over the course of his 16-year career, David has been seeking to create a sustainable education model that provides quality learning experiences for students, the industry, and community through innovative and tailored training.

David Youssf

Human Resources Manager

“Recruiting for temp staff in the past has been a challenge for us, we just haven't had consistent, positive experiences. Now, with Weploy, we have finally found someone that can take this burden off us.”

Truly reactive staffing...

As a growing Registered Training Organisation, (RTO) Stirling Institute needs to ensure it has optimal staffing levels to achieve the best experience and outcomes.

Due to the nature of the industry, we are constantly flexing our workforce to cater for market changes. Stirling use market indicators to inform and predict workflow and ongoing resourcing requirements. The outcome of these changes in industry require Stirling to react to rising and falling demand in an extremely short timeframe. This can be particularly challenging on weekends, when it’s
traditionally difficult to find skilled temporary staff on short notice.



“At Stirling, getting the right resources at short notice can be a challenge in terms of planning. That’s why capability and speed is a very important factor for me to ensure we provide the best outcomes to our clients. Having a resource like Weploy, where we can get staffing within minutes is extremely effective and efficient for our business. We have successfully filled all vacancies (weekday or weekend) through the use of Weploy.

We had given up…

Before Weploy, Stirling hadn’t utilised a temp agency or platform for a long time. For David, recruitment at Stirling meant putting ads up on job boards for hundreds of dollars, screening hundred’s of CVs and conducting interviews or proactively looking for organisations that could provide him with suitable candidates: “The time investment to onboard the wrong candidate was taking away from the core which is why we moved all our recruitment requirements  internally.”

Since Weploy, David has not had challenges finding the right staff - they come to him when he needs them. Recruitment has therefore become a lot easier for him.

“We jump on the Weploy website, click a few buttons and the temps are on their way. The simplicity of successfully filling vacancies relieves pressure on the organisation, and we are much more efficient overall”

Asking the right questions at the right time…

Stirling utilises around 6 - 7 Weployees in the company. They perform supporting roles in project work, administration work and customer service. As David explained “We require someone that can talk, engage and build a relationship with our clientele quickly. This isn’t a skillset that everyone possesses. The Weployees we have taken on haven’t required a lot of training, which is great, and shows that Weploy know who we are looking for! So far, we’ve had Weployees join us mostly on a daily basis. If we did have a larger project, we would have no hesitation in hiring them.”

We can’t do without them…

Stirling shares their premises with three other organisations and has recommended Weploy to all three of them already: “Weployees simply make life easier. It’s a proactive and responsive model to recruitment."

David not only appreciates the service but also the attitude and characteristics of the entire Weploy team: “The team is approachable and always requesting feedback. They understand the needs of a Registered Training Organisation and support us to achieve a positive impact on our clientele. We’d recommend Weploy to any other business that has staffing needs.”

Start valuing your time more...

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