Case Study

Peter Mac


How Peter Mac uses Weploy's on-demand staff to scale hiring

Carl has been Fundraising Director at Peter Mac for almost eight years. He is driven by a passion for helping those in need and empowering his staff to fulfil their operational objectives and career aspirations.

Carl Young

Fundraising Director

“Weploy promises and delivers on what they say. They not only have an understanding of their clients’ stress points but also provides the flexibility needed by not-for-profit organisations.”

Cultural fit is the priority…

Peter Mac, as a not-for-profit, functions differently to other ‘Weployers’ who operate in the private and public sector. At Peter Mac, the people that come to work each day need to do it for more than just their payslip in order to really fit in with the team and its goals:

“For us, it’s not just about experience or qualifications that make a great addition to our team. It’s an attitude and approach to the work with an understanding of the impact they can make whilst with us that is important. If you have somebody that is willing to learn and get involved from the start, that’s half the battle won already. We don’t have the resources like an internal recruitment team to constantly vet workers, so we benefit enormously when the first candidate to come work for us is the right person for the job.”

An agile workforce ideal for a lean operation...

Like many in the not-for-profit sector, Peter Mac must remain cognisant of its spending and plan ahead in order to maximise value from its limited resources. Carl elaborates:

“We run a lean operation - but we also need to be able to respond to seasonal demands, for example around tax time and Christmas. These are crucial times for us. Weploy helps us maintain quality service delivery to our loyal donors while going through these spikes in workload, but also to then scale down to conserve our resources once these peak donation periods pass.”

For Carl and his team, Weploy is the perfect combination of a modern technology platform providing flexibility whilst not compromising on the personal touch. Carl continues:

“The Weploy team is mature in their approach. They understand that we operate differently to for-profit organisations. Weploy promises and delivers on what they say. They don’t fall into the trap of being ‘just a technology platform’ - Weploy is quick to respond and willing to collaborate with us to overcome an issue we may be having. This personal touch is incredibly important, and really sets them apart from other solutions we’ve tried, who often need to be re-briefed on our requirements.”

Weployees become part of the fabric of Peter Mac...

“When it comes to the people that come into work for us, we’re not used to ‘OK’ from Weploy, we are used to good or great from them every time. The people that we get via Weploy are very much Peter Mac people - willing to learn and hardworking. Multiple ‘Weployees’ we’ve had the pleasure of working with have gone on to volunteer
their time for us in other capacities - attending events and helping in other roles beyond what was in their initial brief. The vetting process at Weploy has meant they have been able to consistently supply us with the right people.”

Because of this, Weployees become a genuine part of the team: “Nobody here thinks, ‘Oh, they’re just a Weployee”. Typically, the temporary workers do general administrative work, such as receptionist, backfilling and customer service on telephone calls: “The temps have been great and represent Weploy well. Due to their flexible skill sets and attitude, they can do quite a variety of tasks - and they want to deliver.”

I would definitely recommend Weploy to others. In fact, I already have...

The team at Weploy has consistently exceeded the expectations of Peter Mac, which has led to Carl already recommending the service to others in the sector.

“I’ve recommended Weploy to Pareto fundraising to help them out already. Recruitment for any organisation is time consuming, but it’s also a significant investment for not-for-profit organisations with little room for error. Being able to take away much of this pressure with an intuitive platform that understands our needs has been a fantastic resource that I would recommend to anyone in the industry.”

Start valuing your time more...

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