Case Study:

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers


Maurice Blackburn is a personal injuries law firm with over 33 offices over Australia employing more than 1200 of the country’s best and most respected legal professionals. Providing accurate and confidential advice, the team at MBL recognise the varying financial circumstances of their clients and offer a flexible fee policy, aiming to treat every client who walks through the door with sincerity and respect.

Clarissa Gamble

National Talent Manager

Clarissa Gamble joined Maurice Blackburn as HR manager over three years ago, before growing into a National Talent Manager position. Being a well-known name in the industry means that the recruitment engine is fast and furious at Maurice Blackburn, and Clarissa is responsible for the sourcing, onboarding and induction of 60/70 roles across Australia at any one time. Cultural fit is a priority and no matter the role - team members must be customer focussed, professional and personable whilst also being resilient and down to earth.

The Need - a Reduced Time to Hire

For a single receptionist role, Clarissa’s team may receive up to 100 CVs. “Reviewing resumes and going through our internal administration is a lengthy process but I’d rather my Talent Consultants use their time to source more impactful roles within the business. With high inbound calls and multiple departments, speed and efficiency is key and time to hire is critical. Having tried other agencies in the past, Weploy really helped us cut this down”


The Solution - A Tailored Interface

“I get 2-3 calls a week from pushy recruiters but the Weploy team are a pleasure to work with - honest and upfront, with a genuine desire to help - which is why the relationship has been so successful.”

Clarissa’s team members post roles and manage requests autonomously using the Weploy Dashboard, and all Melbourne-based Receptionist roles are now filled in under 30 minutes using Weploy.

“Strategically, for some departments and more administrative roles, it makes sense for Talent Consultants to bypass our own internal procedures and fill roles with Weploy, saving us valuable time and money”

“It’s a trust game, but we’ve found the Weployees we’ve worked with have been capable and reliable. Shea was able to handle our high inbound call volumes, deal with occasionally difficult customers... and we ended up extending her contract to 2-3 months, from what was initially meant to be four weeks.”

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Reduced time to hire to under 20 minutes.

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A fully tailored experience. Weploy Account Managers are a refreshing alternative to agencies - upfront and communicative, and understanding of the specific requirements.

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Freed up extra time for Talent Consultants to fill more specialised legal roles

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