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With 35 open roles across Australia, Eva Khoury used Weploy to support her team to meet her business goals. Building a business case to bring the risk-averse CEO onboard, Eva has increased Comdains’ use of on-demand staff and rethought their traditional hiring processes. Read how Eva saw success with Weploy

Eva Khoury

General Manager of People & Culture

“Weploy has helped Comdain take the technical requirements out of our understanding of what a good employee looks like...meaning we’ve been able to uncover real gems that we wouldn’t have considered before”

Managing over 500 employees and 500 contractors nationwide, Eva Khoury is General Manager of People & Culture at Comdain Infrastructure. With just one other part time HR Business Partner in her team, Eva had 35 roles open across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, all at varying stages of the recruitment process.

Working on an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement submission for the Fair Work Commission, as well as driving a company wide salary review project, Eva was finding her team seriously stretched. The open roles began creeping up and with
her part time staff member going on leave, Eva realised she needed some extra support to keep the needs of the business in balance.

“I needed someone with tenacity and resilience. Someone who could take the
initiative with minimal time spent on training, and help to keep the department afloat whilst I managed my other projects”

Looking internally in the first instance to manage the influx in workload as was her usual procedure, Eva considered a couple of different existing staff members who may have been able to help out with the extra load. However, none of these staff members were able to assist for various operational reasons. Recognising the sensitivity of salary discussions, and other confidential HR procedures, she decided it was important to bring in someone external to help in this instance and would need to justify this to her CEO.

“Having worked with various stakeholders before, it’s important to understand how each person best responds to information. In my case, our CEO is practical and I knew he would appreciate the numbers and facts. I put together a business case for him that included an overview of the team’s workload and the team movements, recommending that we hire temporary admin support at a cost of $35 to $40 per hour. It was only after the Weployee came in and proved herself that I mentioned I’d recruited her blind, via the Weploy platform”

Weployee Nadine Saadi accepted the job within five minutes, and Eva admits that in comparison to other candidates with experience, she’d never have considered someone like Nadine previously, given her extensive tech background and no previous HR experience. However, it soon became clear that Weploy had helped Eva uncover “a real gem”.

Nadine came in the next day and hit the ground running. “She went above and beyond. She actually ended up automating some of our processes and helped to reduce the 35 roles we had open at the time down to 20 in just two weeks! Nadine was definitely the best temp I’ve ever hired”

Since engaging with Nadine a few months ago, Comdain has enlisted the help of no less than four Weployees for different projects, all in full support of her Senior Leadership team. Now, Eva is a Weploy advocate, recommending the service to all the other business leaders she comes in contact with who are in need of a quick and simple solution for temp support staff. “For any other HR leaders who struggle to get internal buy-in for new and potentially disruptive solutions like Weploy, I’d say - know your audience. Frame that conversation in a manner that will address their motivations, drivers and the problems that they are trying to solve.  Once I got Weploy over the line, I was able to let the resultant benefits speak for themselves”

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