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We understand that things happen and people get sick sometimes. If you are currently in a job and are too unwell to go into work, please get in touch with the Weployee Experience team at 03 8459 0203.

If at all possible, please provide us with a minimum of 2 hours notice before you are due to begin your job assignment.

Under no circumstances are you to not show up for a job assignment without giving notice to the Weployee Experience team, nor are you to arrange for another Weployee to cover your shift.

Please refer to the Weployee Handbook for the full Sick Leave policy.

Weployees are typically recommended to wear business casual dress, if no other work attire guidelines are given by the Weployer. Business casual is less formal than traditional business wear but is still intended to give a professional and businesslike impression.

Dress pants or khakis with a full-sleeve button-down collared shirt is typically acceptable. Ensure your clothes are ironed and wrinkle-free. Ties are usually not necessary.

You will need to speak directly with your Weployer regarding any requests for leave.

You can find the contact details for your line manager in your Current Job screen under "Contact". You can contact your line manager via phone or email.
Unfortunately, no. Currently, Weployees can only remain in one job at a time. When you are in a job, you will not receive notifications for other jobs.

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